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  1. You’re the one that dived into a discussion half cocked and have had a heads gone about it. Right from the minute I pointed out you were making an arse of yourself. Even the guy that initially threw in Ebola realised he was onto a loser and bowed out gracefully. You’re losing the plot about it. Enjoy your night mate.
  2. f**k me. Why would we, the people in the UK, that responded to the question, be fearing Ebola? you’re having a mare
  3. Summer in South Africa at the moment mate. Technically it may still be spring but I suspect you’ve missed the point. Tourists won’t be going to SA over the next few months if there are travel bans. That’s their vested interest.
  4. Before you keep repeating yourself and looking more stupid try following your own advice. Go back to the start of the discussion about which viruses we should be shiting ourselves about. Read it and try comprehending it.
  5. Try fucking reading you halfwit oh my word.
  6. So you admit they are rare diseases that aren’t highly transmissable like Covid is then? No idea why you’re still flogging this horse. We have no reason to be shiting ourselves about Ebola. Some people will catch it and unfortunately die. No-one is hiding behind the sofa about it though.
  7. Yep. Governments across the UK and the population at large should be terrified of these viruses. Killed thousands in the UK so they have. Have a word with yourself.
  8. See you managed to edit this post once you realised you’d fucked it by just throwing out the names of a couple of viruses.
  9. No he isn’t. He’s saying we should be terrified of viruses we have treatments and vaccines for.
  10. While I suspect UK gov have shat it and over reacted (along with the rest of the Western world) SA have a vested interest in downplaying this. They have a summer tourism economy to protect. Whether this variant turns out to be good, bad or indifferent only time will tell. Based on whats happened with new variants so far there is no need to be fearing this as much as uk gov seem to be.
  11. Tbf I was expecting him to come back with smallpox so to come back with a virus that was a damp squib but does actually exist was a plus point.
  12. Why should we be shitting ourselves from a virus that in the grand scheme of things has caused no significant damage. It’s rare and we have effective vaccines and treatments.
  13. Feel free to supply us with examples mate.
  14. Probably one we don’t have vaccines and treatments for. Think Covid 18 months ago and you’ll get the idea.
  15. Holy f**k. Whitty did a funny. Been hanging out with Boris too long.
  16. This briefing is like going back in time a year. Proper shat the bed.
  17. Anyone know what channel the briefing is on tonight? Can’t see it on the TV schedule anywhere. ETA. Found it. Will be on BBC News.
  18. Shambles. Interviewing a Samoan boy now on TV and he’s devastated.
  19. Sky q is shite. My minibox randomly disconnects from the network about once a week. If the router reboots I have to through the entire network setup on both sky q boxes. Was better until sky had that network outage a few months back but since then it’s been dreadful. I have loads of wifi access points in my house and the network is rock solid so its defo the sky equipment thats shite. If I had the option of virgin I’d go back to them in a heartbeat. Cheaper too and the only thing you don’t get is Sky Atlantic.
  20. This about sums it up for me. Spring last year everyone was shit scared of this virus. I’d think that these days most people aren’t really fussed.
  21. Got power back half an hour or so ago. Good job because its fucking freezng. Was just away out to use the gas barbie to boil water for coffee when it came back on. All the trees in the garden are still up which is annoying as I hate mowing round the things. No damage at all.
  22. Cue everyone buying Moderna shares and placing advance orders. Pfizer execs raging they didn’t get their press release out first.
  23. That’s their plan b fucked if the roof blows off their house.
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