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  1. Getting busy in No. 10 apparently. They must have got the karaoke machine out.
  2. Is this not a bit premature? Thought these threads normally only got started after the previous gaffer has been mutually consented?
  3. For maximum hilarity I hope he fires Zahawi for being a judas c**t before he quits.
  4. He's in the delegation waiting at No.10 for Boris. Not seeing anything that Kwarteng has quit
  5. Snap election ruled out... ...He'll be off to see the Queen to dissolve parliament tomorrow I reckon
  6. 32 resignations now. Won't be enough supporters to fill all the vacancies.
  7. So if Gove thinks he should resign why has he not jacked it himself?
  8. so that last vote was 211-148 for him. Assuming everyone in government did support him it's now 181-178 with 30 officials quitting. 2 more go and he's dead. In reality with the number of backbenchers that have publicly declared they won't support him he's toast already.
  9. Primary threshold 6 April 2022 to 5 July 2022: £190 per week £823 per month £9,880 per year 6 July 2022 to 5 April 2023: £242 per week £1,048 per month £12,570 per year
  10. According to this the threshold has gone up for employers as well. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/rates-and-thresholds-for-employers-2022-to-2023#class-1-national-insurance-thresholds
  11. Mims Davies. Thick as fucking mince she is. ETA Sky new reporting that he's still attending the liaison committee
  12. And another as well. If I heard that right one of them was one of Johnson's own PPS
  13. 1922 Executive meeting at 4 to discuss a rule change on leadership challenges apparently.
  14. 1922 committee drawing up plans for a leadership hustings next week. Would require the PM to be gone this week.
  15. Andrew Bridgen on Politics Live at the moment saying he should resign at the dispatch box today with some dignity otherwise we're changing the rules in the 1922 committee and we'll throw him out next week.
  16. "The Rishi Sunak and the Sajid Javid". What's all that about?
  17. I'm sure they did but I also doubt any of them thought it would turn out to be this bad. They don't want the party/government tearing itself apart.
  18. Children's Minister, Will Quince, latest to throw in the towel.
  19. Positives There's a pub next to the football ground Negatives The pub is a shithole
  20. Thinks it’s “hours, days or a week or so” until he’s gone.
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