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  1. Textbook definition of a red. Over the top of the ball and shin high. Mental decision
  2. Just banning shite acts like Steps from performing would fix this.
  3. We’re pretty much the same. We tell each other about large purchases but tbh Mrs. B barely ever looks at the balance in the joint account. Usually tells me she wants to get x and asks if we have enough in the account to cover it or do we need to transfer some money instead. Salaries both go into the joint account but we also have our own accounts that we transfer money into each month to do what we like with. Generally I only spend that on birthday and christmas presents for her anyway. What she does with the money in her personal account I have zero interest in (unless I never got a christmas or birthday present. If that happened I’d be seething).
  4. At least she’ll be able to rationalise why she’s being treated like this. That poor we laddie will have spent his life having no clue why he was being treated the way he was. Poor wee lad likely spent his time trying to be good, trying to please just to get a bit of unpoisoned food and not be tortured. Hope they both get the shite kicked out of them on a daily basis in prison.
  5. If you’ve got no roof on the house I’d guess he can bypass the chimney.
  6. Lying, thick, hypocritical c**t. You’re on some roll tonight. Enjoy the rest of it.
  7. You’re a hypocrite because you criticise others for not following the rules blindly. Your normal line is “it’s not difficult or a hassle”. You thick hypocritical c**t.
  8. Same as washing your hands a thousand times a day or wearing a mask then. Their balance and where the set their benchmark by choosing not to do it is obviously OK going by your logic. You hypocritical c**t.
  9. Not sure what additional risk you’d pose to others here but I’m sure it’s not zero.
  10. Lets face it. Both teams on display tonight have been pretty shite.
  11. Without seeing a replay I’m not sure if a Hearts player had actually touched the ball. If they hadn’t then Celtic are technically still in posession.
  12. Andy Walker calls one right. No way should the ref be stopping play for that.
  13. It was a throw in awarded. Unsure if it was for taking too long or stealing yards. I suspect the latter.
  14. Predictable how he was going to react at half time. Tbf the ex Celt saying not offside was also entirely predictable. Get some non-roasters as pundits FFS.
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