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  1. BBC just showed the womens snatch.
  2. It’s not lack of supply stopping people getting second doses. It’s JCVI recommendations. We now have a surplus of vaccines. That’s why we’ve started giving AZ away.
  3. Has Djokovic found his head yet or should we be sending out more search parties?
  4. Given the relatively low uptake among the younger age groups we must have a healthy stash of Pfizer/Moderna kicking about. Is it feasible to send that elsewhere? I’d be fully on board with jagging more of our under 18’s rather than waste it.
  5. Would have been a better story if she didn’t get a medal.
  6. No-one would have predicted an Italian winning the 100m gold.
  7. Fanny in the 100m final. Chucked it after one of our guys did the same in the semi.
  8. Quite like the matrix style camera stuff in the gymnastics.
  9. No idea how three day eventing is scored but they keep saying Britain are in gold medal position.
  10. Was the crowd not limited to 1000 by Covid regulations?
  11. The ball never got near any of the backs in attack. That’s been my major issue in both tests so far. Toonie must be sitting there thinking he may as well have stayed at home.
  12. BOD said Henshaw, Furlong and Conan got pass marks, the rest shite 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Struggling to name a single Lion that had a decent game today.
  14. Just said that to Mrs. Back.
  15. Has there been a single break by the Lions backs in this game?
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