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  1. Are you really surprised? Football supporters = bad anyone else = good standard SG response. The brainwashed public fail to see the double standards here though.
  2. Can’t stand on someone’s leg and get away without a card these days, accidental or not. Very lucky boy that the ref has shat it.
  3. Finding the stadium layout odd at Wembley. The fans aren’t even spread out as much as they could be. Top deck is practically empty.
  4. This is why the current approach and extending restrictions is so wrong. Based on all the data so far the vaccines work against all variants. There have been zero exceptions to this. why then is the starting point to shit the bed every time a new variant is announced? Based on the data the starting point should to say its extremely likely the vaccine will work so we’ll carry on easing, monitor the situation and only if something changes do we change path and think about pausing.
  5. It’s a scam text mate. The vaccines don’t really exist.
  6. Send it from Devithebam and sign it off accordingly. That’ll confuse him.
  7. You shouldn’t be. The government are protecting you. This is all for your own (and everybodys) good.
  8. I see we’ve just started trials of the Valneva vaccine. Is there any point in trialling it in the UK when prevalence and transmission are so low?
  9. It’s probably a bit late for the media to be jumping up and down. They’ve been complicit in the government(s) actions every step of the way and their hysterical reporting has been fuelling the fear. one of the reasons the population are still supportive of these actions.
  10. Strikes me as fear mongering by a WHO employee to highlight the catastrophic situation in India. In no way should it be in the thinking of policy makers here. A responsible media wouldn’t be giving it air time. We should be basing our decisions on what is happening here, not what might be happening in India.
  11. No evidence to support anything. These are anecdotal claims coming out of India. Should we be basing policy based on the “scientific” evidence coming from India? The same India who said something along the lines of “we’ve nailed this in our country, epidemic over” a couple of months ago and wanted the WHO to applaud them for how well they’d done?
  12. Based on there being zero examples of the government being in any rush to unlock restrictions.
  13. Where is the evidence that supports this claim? Based on what? There is nothing the government have said or done during this pandemic that would make this a reasonable statement.
  14. How deluded are you? They’ve totally shat the bed at the first hint of case numbers rising. Anyone could predict this would happen and there would be outbreaks like this. You don’t need to be a member of SAGE to know this. it is not a reasonable response to further trash businesses unless there is evidence this is having an impact on the NHS. Case numbers do not matter in the slightest at this point in time.
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