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  1. Have to ask the question. Why the f**k did you invite this wee c**t to live with us? I’m seething.
  2. Not the first time he’s rolled over and cost Liverpool the league.
  3. Get off my tug. I will have the honour of fighting with dad.
  4. It’s something non-weegies used to use before shower gel became popular.
  5. The Spanish, you mean like Real Madrid and Barcelona, complaining about FFP?
  6. Some effort by Hearts. McGregor comes in with a minute to go and it’s debatable whether he had less to do than mcGlaughlin
  7. Think he’s asking for offside. He’s at it mind. Boy wasn’t interfering.
  8. Does she get access to free testing still or is she paying for her own tests?
  9. Presumably because it’s significantly more than the average salary people earn.
  10. He’s stepped on the pitch so he’s already looked more dangerous than any ICT player tbf.
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