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  1. If he doesn't, then I think he better leave right now.
  2. England's record in the last year is nothing to write home about. 1 point from home and away games with Denmark, lost to them at Wembley. Well beaten in Belgium, although a good result beating them at Wembley. Their only other really serious opponent was a narrow home win over Poland who were missing their best player. Even their win over Wales was a night when they didn't have Ramsey or Bale. When you scratch the surface of 'they have good attacking players', there is little actual evidence they should be considered anything like favourites for this.
  3. They're pros. They'll play to win, but I'd imagine in a more good-natured fashion than normal.
  4. Same. I'd planned on being asleep by now. Wide awake now.
  5. I think some folk are being a bit harsh on Pearce. He was chucked into a massively distressing situation with no notice and hung out to dry on a live broadcast to millions of people. He's a sports commentator, not a hardened war correspondent. Few would have done any better.
  6. Had the same thought. He'll get the best care. Just unbelievable. Feel sick.
  7. Can't see past the Swiss. They're in a league of their Toblerone. Cheerio.
  8. Unfortunately, UEFA can't touch the Germans since they were only singing their vile songs in a boozer and not the actual stadium. Outrageous.
  9. France and Russia streets ahead of the rest. Italy the next best.
  10. You seem a lovely chap. Your parents must be proud. Good day to you.
  11. It's expensive to go, which immediately makes it a certain type of crowd. I was at the last World Cup and the Euros before last. Cost me a b*****ding fortune, but they were things I'd always wanted to do. Met a lot of South American fans in Russia, but very few of them were people who regularly went to games supporting club sides etc. Most folk who do that couldn't dream of affording actually going to a World Cup. The Peru support seemed to be made up exclusively of dentists and accountants working in Europe. Argentina similar. One of their fans told me when steaming that he was probably the kind of person most Argentinian fans despise. A rich kid who rarely went to games, yet here he was.
  12. Asian national teams and leagues aren't doing it. South American national teams and leagues aren't doing it. Cricket national teams that I've seen aren't doing it. It's probable that most competing nations at the Euros aren't doing it. France and Germany's women's teams didn't do it last week. I'm not sure we can really say this is a global thing. It seems to be a very small number of countries doing it and then claiming it to be global. It's essentially an American thing and some British teams have picked up on it. It doesn't exist in Asia or South America. I don't watch African sport, so don't know about that. I don't mean this as a personal criticism of you at all, because this is something that is very common in how our media covers things. But there's a cultural chauvinism in America about presenting American cultural norms as global issues, and in the British context we tag onto that through shared language, media, social media etc. But describing taking the knee in a sporting context as a 'global' movement is way off the mark and is just an example of how our media reports the world. There's a big world out there not interested in this.
  13. A number of people on this thread have referred to the 'global' nature of the impact of taking the knee, or the impact on 'global' audiences. I think this is vastly, vastly over-stated. This week I have watched Asian World Cup qualifiers. No taking the knee. France v Germany in a women's international. No taking the knee. South American World Cup qualifiers. No taking the knee. Australian rugby league. No taking the knee. England v NZ at cricket where I don't recall seeing anyone taking the knee. I've also watched K-League,J-League, and Malaysian League games this season and seen nobody taking the knee. Can't recall seeing any A-League teams doing it either. Despite what your Twitter feed might tell you, the watching world is not horrified when a sports team doesn't take the knee. Most global viewers won't even think about it.
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