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  1. Massive game. Our recent home league form has been patchy, dropping points to Ayr and Queens in games we dominated. Even though today was a stroll, it’s still a little concerning to me that our goal return for chances created is quite poor. Can’t be so wasteful against a very decent side like Raith, arguably the only team that has outplayed us this season. This should comfortably be our second largest attendance of the season so far and might even be the largest. If the weather’s decent, with two teams doing well and lots of positivity from both sets of fans, I can’t see why it can’t be close.
  2. I thought you did a lot better in the second half, mind you the game had gone by then. Just remember that this is a very different Arbroath side to when we last met, we've just beaten Kilmarnock away and have beaten Partick 3-1, Hamilton 4-0 and Dunfermline 4-2 at home this season so not really any worse than those results. Best of luck for the rest of the season.
  3. Very pleasing so far, the only down side is that we're not 4 or 5 up. Really need to be putting these chances away.
  4. Really poor. The major weakness in women’s fitba is the goalies and their lack of stature in full-sized goals, yet Scotland had 22 attempts and 13 corners but barely put the keeper under any pressure at all. Hit it early or from distance and put corners right on top of them. Scotland are far too cautious and that looks like the World Cup is probably out of reach already.
  5. I couldn’t care less who anyone plays for, they all just seem to lose the ability to score once they put on a Scotland shirt. One or two games like this you can put down to bad luck but it’s literally every single game, chance after chance, lack of composure and confidence in front of goal. Just look at the stats for this game - any normal game would see a return of at least 2 or 3 goals by now. Having said that, I’ve seen much worse from this team.
  6. I watch most of the Scotland women’s games and I have never seen a team, at any level, including kids, who are so abject at putting the ball in the net. The last euro qualification campaign was particularly bad. Battering teams from start to finish and losing 1-0. If they could sort this element of their game out then they would be a pretty handy side.
  7. Not sure if I'm that happy with the draw. certainly winnabable but Ukraine were unbeaten in their qualifying and don't condede much. Hate playing Wales, especially away and Austria will feel they have a score to settle.
  8. If we do that then we’ll need Dick and Pink stripped and on the bench, and big Rab playing centre forward. It’ll be bare bones as it is tomorrow with no Hilson, Dowds, Nouble, Paterson and probably Low.
  9. Nouble is brilliant, very influential and will be hugely missed but there’s much more to this Arbroath team than him, or any other individual for that matter. Arguably Nicky Low’s absence could have had more of a detrimental effect but our form has held up pretty well even without his creativity and energy in midfield.
  10. Is Lochlands known for being expensive? I’ve never noticed but then I live in Aberdeen so everywhere in Arbroath is cheap to me.
  11. I would agree pre-match. If you’ve got 2-3 hours you can have a pretty decent pub crawl without having to travel far. If you come out of the station and turn right, head up Keptie Street a few hundred yards to the Lochlands Bar on Lochlands Street. Pint there then re-trace your steps back to the Station Bar - Westport bar - Millgate Bar - Foundry Bar - Tutties - game. Bag of crisps in each pub, pie at the game.
  12. Plenty of good pubs in Arbroath, absolutely zero reason to set foot in weatherspoons.
  13. Yes it’s gayfield. I think that’s the Scottish cup game in 1980 that ended 1-1.
  14. I wonder if the keeper had given him some for missing the penalty?
  15. Yes, you’re correct. We’ve been in great form since the turn of 2021. We played very conservatively in the first half of last season, looking like we were trying to lose every game by a single goal. Not sure what happened to change that, perhaps Hamilton coming in on loan, but since then it’s been fantastic.
  16. Plus should have won last week and against Killie first time round.
  17. Another amazing win today. Just a thought - if Donnelly hadn’t blasted over from 6 yards last week, we would be top.
  18. Ok after watching it again, yes it was laid off to him but how can anyone not think they are very “similar” goals?
  19. You’re wrong, look it up on YouTube, he collected the ball on the right hand corner of the box, the only difference between the goals is that the Belgium goal he started with his back to goal and turned his man.
  20. It’s easy to find on YouTube. He collected it from a throw in on the right side of the box, cut across beating two defenders before hitting an unstoppable shot in to the top corner. I remember at the time thinking they were very similar goals.
  21. He scored a very similar one in the Spain game.
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