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  1. Why are teams obsessed with all seater grounds? Totally understand that some had no choice with the previous ludicrous rules but now that those rules don’t exist why not have terraces? It’s cheaper to build, gives fans a choice and definitely improves the atmosphere. A nice covered terrace at each end would make Lesser a cracking wee stadium.
  2. Happy with that. Haven’t played them for quite a while and no shame if we lose as they’re a decent side on their day. I’m sure they’ll bring a large and lively support too.
  3. I’ll hold my hands up to bring one of the posters you’re talking about and I’ll happily admit I was wrong. Still think we should have it started with a more attacking formation though. It’s certainly nice to wake up with that winning feeling again. There’s a very big difference between Fraserburgh and a confident Morton though so not sure if the same approach will work. Linn up front on his own will be meat and drink for Morton’s defence I fear. Amazing to think that it’s almost exactly a year since we beat Morton 2-1 at home (in the fog) to go top of the league. What a difference a year makes. Hopefully yesterday’s moral boosting win will spur us on to a good performance and positive result.
  4. Not going to gloat as we’ve had more than our fair share of cup feck ups, however I was really surprised at this result. We played Darvel in the cup last year and, despite talk of a potential shock and a close game, we strolled it 3-0 in a match that was more like a pre-season friendly. I thought Darvel were really poor and I don’t recollect them having any chances or threat. Could have been an off day for them I suppose and we were in great form at the time. Still, thought Montrose would win this fairly comfortably. You can keep Petrie after all
  5. He may not be the answer to our league woes but surely to feck he can do a job against a team from the league he was playing in (and scoring in) last season. FWIW I think he definitely has something about him and could be part of the answer. He’s an old fashioned, physical, bustling striker - the type of payer that every team needs imo. Put him alongside a more experienced partner and I reckon he’ll do a job.
  6. So you don’t think Shanks and Isiaka are good enough to play against a team 5th in the Highland league? Shanks was certainly more than good enough last season when playing for Locos so why not now?
  7. I’m sorry and call me negative if you like but that starting 11 is a 4-6-0 fecking joke - yet again. As I said in an earlier post - trying not to lose, not trying to win.
  8. How to feel really old. Just think - some of these Saudi Arabian players great grandads possibly played against Scotland in the u16 final in 1989.
  9. It’s called gallows humour. Believe me I am not enjoying this one bit.
  10. Something feels so familiar watching the World Cup today. Team in maroon, looking out of their depth, lacking ability, creating absolutely nothing of note. We are Qatar
  11. Ah, the innocence of the ignorant - “it’s only Peru”, “It’s only Iran”, “it’s only Costa Rica”, “it’s only Morocco”. Should we have told them?
  12. And this Wales… yes this, is what it feels like to be in the World Cup finals
  13. Kind of wish I was going now. Other plans have been made though so I can’t. I think we all would like to see an attacking lineup and starts for Shanks AND Isiaka. However I have a bad feeling that, in Dick’s head, the “must not lose” thought will trump the “must win” and that we’ll see a pretty conservative starting 11. Hope I’m wrong but wouldn’t be surprised to see a 4-6-0.
  14. Perhaps I should have said “modernised” as opposed to modern
  15. Can just picture Housecaptain frantically googling how to recall an email
  16. What did he say? “Fans are out of order”, “unrealistic expectations”, “bad luck, injuries, everyone else’s fault but mine”, “I’m the gaffer!”?????
  17. I genuinely admire your optimism. Love the fact that you think Dick can “simply” ship out 5 or 6 and bring in the same amount of better players. Personally I have major doubts and am pretty much resigned to a relegation playoff at absolute best. Ok so we ship out 5-6 players and bring in replacements, who exactly and where from? How can we guarantee that they’ll be better than what we’re getting rid of? Do any of us really trust Dick and the management team (new scouting team) with another window? They had months and months to identify and sign/loan players of the required standard but, apart from perhaps 3, they failed. It will take time to get these new guys up to speed and integrated, it even took Nouble a few weeks to click. So we will likely be in the position of having a third of the squad as new players having to get up to speed immediately then change us over night from relegation candidates to weekly match winners and unless we bring in these superstars right at the beginning of the window, we may have as few as 14 or 15 games to pick up between (guessing) 25 and 30 points. Really don’t want to sound like negative Nigel but is that realistic? Feel free to dredge this post up and laugh at me come May after we win 15 in a row to clinch a Premiership play off place.
  18. I think what he’s saying is that Gayfield now is no better than grounds were last century. Obviously he never went to any games back then as there were very few grounds in Scotland then with facilities anything like what we have. Yes there were some cracking old grounds then with great character and atmosphere but to compare what we have now to utter health hazard dumps back then like Easter Road, Tynecastle, Dens, Celtic Park, Hampden, Muirton, Starks Park etc etc is some stretch.
  19. This “punching above our weight” bullshit need to stop too. This is our 4th straight season in the Championship, 2 of which have been at the pointy end. We also have crowds and season ticket sales to rival any club in the league aside from Dundee and Partick. I’m sure our hospitality and corporate incomes are a match for most too. We also now have a modern stadium and number of players who are essentially full-time. There seems to be a section of our support/folk on the town that will always see us as a wee League 2 team with 500 fans just because that’s what we used to be. And that we should be grateful for the occasional foray up the leagues until we assume our proper place with Albion Rovers and Stenny. Using this approach, then Ross County will forever be a tiny HL side and Livingston might as well still be Ferranti Thistle. Aye and Cove and Bonnyrigg can just piss off back to the Juniors while we’re at it.
  20. Yeah agree but some of the comments I’ve read seem to think all the critics are new fans expecting constant and increased success. We all know that’s bullshlt and that it’s mostly the long term, long suffering fans.
  21. I had a look at the club FB page and the comments on the statement are almost exclusively from happy clappers in support of the statement and the clubs position “no place for this in football”, “family club”, “punching above our weight” type pish. We deserve more than this.
  22. Well, I for one think it’s possibly too late. We’ve seen this scenario at plenty of other teams (recently Falkirk and Dunfermline) - take the fans for granted, don’t listen to their concerns, expect unconditional support, deal badly with criticism, pull up the drawbridge, stop communicating, openly criticise fans, blame everyone/everything else, create a them v us, protests, falling gates, relegation etc etc. There is not one single thing that has been said or frustration shown by the fans that is not justified. No one was expecting a season like last and for the club to come out and openly berate fans for having “unrealistic expectations” is both unjustified and untrue. A bit of an insult really. The fans have massively backed the club, and not just this season, last season we sold 1200+ season tickets off the back of a poor season but people liked what was being said and done on and off the pitch. The board and management is in serious danger of losing the respect and support of a large number of fans…. If they haven’t already.
  23. That’s a really poorly judged statement from the club. How about releasing one sometime in the last 8-10 weeks along the lines of: “Everyone at the club shares the fans frustrations at how the season is going so far. Rest assured that as much as possible is being done behind the scenes to improve results and performances. We have every confidence that Dick Campbell, his coaching team and our talented squad of players (and Deri Corfe) are the right people for the job, and will turn this round in due course. Please be patient and continue to give Arbroath Football Club the same wonderful support and backing you have given us over the years, we need it now more than ever. ‘Mon the Lichieeeeeesssss! And f*ck the Mo. Signed The Board” Absolute bullshit and hot air of course but at least it’s taking a bit of responsibility for the ongoing shambles and recognising the fans, very justified, concerns. ETA not saying I condone arsehole behaviour and it should be called out but where is the pearl clutching when certain high profile fans behave horrifically at games?
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