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  1. You’re being silly now. Goldie’s already had his shotty in goals, it’s someone else’s turn now.
  2. With Henderson suspended and ToB back, this is a perfect opportunity to play Gaston in midfield, Donnelly can have a crack in goals, always thought Rab Douglas could play striker, Antell centre mid and Bobby Linn selling the pies.
  3. Shocker. I was half expecting the ref to give him a yellow.
  4. Are people really taking my suggestion of playing Little in midfield seriously? FFS it was a daft wee conversation about how to accommodate Little, ToB and Henderson in the same team, while also playing Hammy on the left and Stewart or JT at right back. We have at least 10 guys who can comfortably play in midfield so I and everyone else know it would never happen in a million years.
  5. I have a feeling Dunfermline are going to win and Kilmarnock and Raith will be in the top 4. Aside from that I think it’s too hard to predict. From an Arbroath perspective, we could end up anywhere from 5th - 10th dependant on getting a decent loan or two in.
  6. Hey, we’re only bullshitting about how to fit the three in the same team. I’m not actually being serious, especially as we have so many good options in midfield.
  7. Yeah, we have a lot of good options to bring on in midfield. Gold was brilliant on Saturday when he came on, clark also very good and Paterson to come in too. If we were to play all three then how about Ricky Little in the centre of midfield and ToB and Henderson at the back. Ricky is obviously brilliant but lacks the physical presence against big centre forwards.
  8. I should have qualified my comment re ToB, he has to come back in - only when fully fit. McKenna, Low, Henderson and Linn is a midfield I would like to see, a good mixture of creativity, energy and physicality. I particularly like Stewart’s dynamism and energy, will need to see how he gets on defensively under pressure in the league but I like what I’ve seen so far. I’ve always been a fan of Hamilton but I don’t think he’s ever really been sufficiently challenged in that position and, if I had a gun put to my head, I would say he is our very slight week link in defence.
  9. Agree re Stewart, JT might find it hard getting back in as no1 in that position. ToB has to come back in though. Would like to see Henderson in midfield or LB.
  10. Ach, it’s ok we’ll get one of those in the next round.
  11. Even at 0-2 down I still had a feeling we would get something out of the game. We could have been 2 up before they scored their first and it was obvious from the amount of chances we were creating that the goals would come. Most of the second half was as one sided a game as you’ll get.
  12. There’s some guy on Kelty’s FB page reckons they were robbed. He either: Left after their second goal; wasn’t actually at the game; is 10; is all of the above.
  13. Really? From where I was standing it looked like Hammy made an erse of a basic pass straight to their player who played it through for a simple finish. Would like to see the replay though as he seemed to be blaming someone else for it, I’m assuming Hilson. I thought Hilson played ok, just wish he could finish better, he seems to have a real issue when he has time to think. McKenna, Donnelly, Low, Stewart and Gold (just how versatile is he?) we’re the stand outs for me, but I think everyone played well, great team performance. Definitely a drop in intensity and quality when Linn and Donnelly in particular went off. At that point we were running riot and it looked like we would score every time we attacked. Swankie is obviously a totally different proposition than Linn and was brought on to steady the midfield. Nouble looked pretty unfit but showed enough to be a decent addition, should have scored. Actually thought Kelty were pretty poor when you consider the squad they have. Looked solid at the back and in midfield (which they bossed for 20 minutes) until after their second goal then it was one way traffic. They didn’t seem to have much creativity from middle to front and aside from a great hit for their first and a defensive feck up from us for their second, they didn’t offer much.
  14. How did hilson cause the second? Was it not Hammy who sclaffed a simple pass straight to their player?
  15. It’s fecking great being back at the fitba.
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