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  1. Well that’s Paul Sheerin punted by Falkirk. To be fair he’s been a disaster for them, topped off by a 6-0 scudding at QP yesterday when they should be romping that league. Bet he wishes he never left his job at Aberdeen. Nothing will ever tarnish his achievements with us. His first two seasons in particular were, apart from now obviously, the best time to be a Lichtie in my 40+ years as a fan. The football at times was sensational and fantastically exciting, and you just knew that every game was going to be wild with plenty of goals… at both ends. The question is, did he get lucky at us with a great bunch of players and a gung-ho “I’ve nae idea what I’m doing but it works” management style, or did he have real talent and potential that has been hammered and coached out of him while running the kids setup at Aberdeen? Feel really bad for him and I hope he can find a future back in the game, just don’t think it will be as a manager.
  2. He does but it’s pretty standard for all managers. They all just haver guff or tired clichés to a greater or lesser extent. Dick is to the greater end of the scale right enough.
  3. I hate hate hate criticising any of our players but Donnelly contributed zero yesterday. I remember he had a wee bit of nice play on the stand side touch line early on and then a flick-on header later but can’t remember seeing him do anything else. His best games for us this season have been the cup games v Kelty and Forfar which highlights exactly what he is - a good player at league 2, possibly league 1 level. Dowds should have been on from the start yesterday, his physicality is much more suited for a game like that whereas the game just passed Donnelly by.
  4. Now that the dust has settled and the booze has worn off I have a slightly different view of the game. I haven’t watched the highlights apart from the McKenna incident and yes the ref had no option but to stop the game. A wee bit daft by McKenna. Didn’t realise that’s what happened at the time as I was focussed on the break and only saw the two players getting up and McKenna getting booked. A draw was definitely a fair result as there was nothing for either keeper to do really. For us, both Linn efforts were tame as was the header towards the end. I don’t blame Linn for not taking either of his chances, you can tell that he’s trying so hard and is desperate to score goals and influence the game that his composure in front of goal seems to have gone for now. Still of the opinion that the ref was dreadful (for both teams) and had a big influence in how the game panned out. All in all, have to be happy with a draw as I had a niggling worry that yesterday could have been a bubble buster. There is definitely nothing for us to worry about for the rest of the season and we “should” stay up comfortably, which is all that matters really.
  5. Yeah, would have made more sense to make a like-for-like swap instead of upsetting the balance. We definitely lost something after little went off as JT/our right side was dominant up until then.
  6. If you think they were clear yellow cards then football is well and truly fecked. A foul, even a mistimed or slightly dirty one is not automatically a booking, if it is then we need to prepare for games with 3 or 4 red cards per side. Barely anything more than a strong challenge all game.
  7. Was that the game that Benedictus nearly chopped McKenna in half, injured himself and never got sent off for an utterly horrendous foul?
  8. Your second paragraph is spot on. Far too many games this season we’ve let opponents off the hook, just not ruthless enough at times.
  9. Apart from towards the end when Arbroath were on a very promising attack free down the right wing with men in the box and he stopped play to give US a free kick back at the half way line? I would say that was pretty controversial. He was terrible, for both teams. Bookings for feck all, fouls for negligible contact but nothing for obvious fouls. Wouldn’t let the game flow.
  10. That’s rich coming from Rovers fans. I know it’s not you but I’ve seen more than one of your fans on here greetin’ week in week out that refs never give Raith anything as if there’s some kind of conspiracy against south Fife’s finest. The ref was atrocious today for both teams and ruined what could and should have been a cracker, I don’t think anyone is saying any different. And no, he wasn’t even in the top 10 of worst refereeing performances I’ve seen (hi Andrew Dallas ) but he was awful and ruined the game.
  11. Man, why are our officials so poor? Over officious, giving free kick for feck all on the one hand then nothing for obvious free kicks (e.g Dowds at the bye line) then let free kicks and throw ins be taken 10-20 yards away from where they should. Totally ruined what should have been a good game. Because of his size and physicality, Nouble gets nothing even though he’s pushed and pulled all over the shop. That decision near the end was unreal. Gold through on the wing with players driving into the box, the ref pulls it back for a free kick to US!! Deal with the players after the game stops ffs. Also 6 bookings and not a bad challenge in the 90 minutes. Perhaps the one on McKenna in the first half but you could argue that was just slightly mistimed.
  12. Why only your chances? As has been stated many, many times on here before - Arbroath train in Perth, only one of the squad I can think of (Swankie) lives in the town and in a normal season, perhaps 2 or 3 games max are played in particularly windy conditions. There are guys in our team who will have never played in very strong winds (at Gayfield). We’re in December and all of our home games so far have been played in good conditions with only the Ayr game being what could be considered a wee bit windy.
  13. What the heck has happened to ICTs support? Surely can’t be any more than 4-500 home fans at this. How can full-time football be sustainable? Such a shame that Inverness is full of OF knuckle-draggers. A town the size of Inverness with one league team, no real competition and a good recent history should surely be able to attract 2-3000 fans easily. Yes, I understand the difficult football history in Inverness but still.
  14. Our record is good but 4 of our last 5 games against the bottom 5 have been draws.
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