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  1. Yeah the white and yellow/blue one, although the navy one was ok, certainly compared to some change kit monstrosities - yeah Raith I’m looking at you.
  2. Poor show - Morton’s kit last year was an absolute cracker, best in the league by a mile. Your away on was very nice too.
  3. Nah it was definitely 1-0 Cove. I went with a Dons supporting pal who lives in Cove and he was distinctly unimpressed with us. Especially after I told him we’d win easily as we had a fairly decent side then. To be fair to him he was at helicopter Saturday at Stirling and also at our trophy game when we won League 1 so I think he’s seen us being good also.
  4. That game was actually 1-0 to Cove although we created enough to win well. We missed a penalty (Doris I think) and I think it might have been Michael Travis’ first game for us. My main memories apart from the above were that it was miserable weather, a tight, bobbly, muddy pitch but the social club was decent.
  5. It was worse than that, it was 1 goal in 570 minutes - 6 x 90 minutes + 30 minutes extra time.
  6. Yeah, you’re correct, forgot about the Wellington. I would guess it’s a bit more than 10 minutes walk but a very short bus trip.
  7. I’m going to go against the grain a little here and say that I didn’t think it merited a red at the time (was celebrating it though) and I still don’t. Free kick and a yellow card. If every mistimed jump/foul when two players jump for a ball and have a tangle, was a red then we’d have multiple sending offs in every game. I don’t think any Arbroath fans would be happy if it happened to eg O’Brien at the other end.
  8. Not a dig at Cove as they’ve done well and I’m sure plans are afoot to further develop their ground… but I think visiting fans are in for a culture shock when they visit for the first time. I can’t think of a less developed stadium to be in the second tier, or even the third/fourth tiers for that matter. it’s really not much better than Banks o’ Dee’s Spain Park a couple of miles down the hill. Not only is it very small and basic but it’s also in a terrible location. Any visiting fans who are looking forward to a few pints in the city centre then a leisurely trip to the ground are in for a surprise. I would guess it’ll take at least 30-40 minutes on an infrequent bus service from the city centre on a Saturday afternoon. Once there, there’s nothing in the way of pubs or restaurants anywhere near the ground, apart from a McDonalds and a Starbucks and the bar at the Thistle hotel at a push. Heaven help us if it’s raining/snowing/blowing a gale as it’s very exposed with minimal cover. Having said all that - it’s obviously a work in progress and is miles better than Allan Park was. I’m sure even the powers that be at Cove are pleasantly surprised at their rapid progress through the leagues and that they have plans to improve - a roof running the full length of the pitch would probably be adequate at the moment. It also means I have an easy game to get to as I’ve lived in Aberdeen for nearly 40 years, so looking forward to that part at least.
  9. Don Thomas is full-time and probably on a very good wage. Can’t see him coming to us. He’ll easily get a good full-time contract somewhere.
  10. I thought I read somewhere it was around 1700 or was that just seats? 4K would be plenty.
  11. Surely the redevelopment plans for Lesser Hampden are looking woefully inadequate now? Just look at us (Arbroath) to see what a bit of success, the feel good factor and engagement with the town/locality can achieve. We were probably averaging similar crowds to QP 6 or 7 years ago but we had 1200+ season tickets last year (I’m sure that’ll go up quite a bit next season) and increasing home attendances, culminating in 3100 for a meaningless match v Morton and over 5100 (around 4500 home fans) at the playoff. I would also imagine there’ll be quite a lot of travelling fans wanting to go to the away games against yourselves as it’s something completely different for most - as it was with us when we came up. You guys have a lot of potential, would be a shame not to be able to capitalise properly.
  12. Clark won’t be back I wouldn’t imagine. Just let us keep Jack Hamilton for the season and maybe that big lad Nouble
  13. It’s mental how much game time he gets for such little return. I was convinced he’d played his last game for us after the defeat to Aberdeen B where he was hopeless against a bunch kids. His goal (not) scoring record is atrocious and indefensible. It’s not like he doesn’t have plenty of opportunities. No doubt some will be on to defend him and mention his assists and general play etc, but the bottom line is that he’s meant to be striker, and at the moment he’s the only one on our books. I don’t dislike him and he’s obviously a good player with ability but he’s just never fulfilled his potential - so frustrating. He played well in the cups against Kelty and Forfar which I think tells us that that’s his level.
  14. Good move for him if he's going to be first choice. Was never quite good enough for the Championship although he still played a part in our fantastic season. Best of luck to him.
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