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  1. Oh yes I know that well and have said as much several times. The biggest mistake they made was not changing their name/image/branding when they came into the league. Rangers in the name, blue kit, lion badge all like a red rag to a bull to the vast majority of Aberdonians. For those reasons, and many others, they will never prise fans away from Pittodrie. I’m talking more about the very casual, occasional football fan, perhaps incomers to the city, and there are thousands of them, without the generational or emotional connection to the Dons. This was all kind of my original point - Cove’s crowds are normally artificially higher than they would be due to the novelty and Aberdeen fans going along for something different when the Dons are away from home. Proved very starkly on Saturday with Aberdeen also at home.
  2. Yeah maybe you’re right. I was just basing that estimate on the proportion of the crowd that were in our end - half at least. I too thought 881 was high, mind you those end stands hold 850 ish each so maybe it was correct. Saturday confirmed one thing for me. Aberdeen is very much still a one team city and Cove’s normal home attendance is massively added to by mildly interested Dons fans. 16k home fans at Pittodrie on Saturday, about 350-400 at Cove. It’s going to be a very long, very hard struggle for them to convince locals that it’s the place to be on a Saturday afternoon and to build an actual support. Considering their recent success, the level they’re playing at and the fact that Saturday was their best chance of a win for a while, you would think there would be more interest. I live in Aberdeen and the only two guys I know who go to Cove games (one pretty regularly and one very occasionally) are Dons fans. The latter was at the game with me on Saturday, in our end, so he’s not really invested in them at all.
  3. I was also a wee bit disappointed when I saw the turnout but, as you say, there were many contributing factors - lack of big name opponents/players (understandable at this point in the season); awkward kick off day and time; Saturday’s result and performance, the general way the team is playing; the definite drop off in the feel good factor and imo a lack of proper promotion for the game. Having said that, it was as many as were at the Terry Masson testimonial at Montrose a few weeks ago and more half of the turnout for that were Arbroath fans. Personally, a 2:00 Sunday kick off made it impossible for me to go. Already said this but I would love it if the club came out with ideas for fans to make a direct financial payment to him. No one deserves it more and it’s something I would love to contribute to. Re Saturday - it was such a deflating experience and that may have had an impact too. I would say there were at least 400-450 Arbroath fans there, easily as many as Cove had. The main stand was full but it only holds about 250 and half of them would have been officials and comps. Aside from that, they had very few fans dotted about.
  4. Unable to make today. Too many family commitments and impossible to get to Arbroath for 2:00. If it was 3:00 I could make it. Hope the recent poor performances don’t have a detrimental effect on the turnout. If anyone deserves it it’s him. Wpuld be nice if there was a fund to contribute to for those who can’t make it.
  5. I’ve said this before but all we needed to do this season was consolidate and aim for a safe mid-table position. No one would be disappointed with that and we’d still be massively punching above our weight. Should have used close season to bring in a couple of solid midfielders and a half decent striker to replace the players who were leaving and we would have been fine.
  6. We are in massive trouble and anyone who doesn’t think so is utterly deluded. We were played off the park today by a team playing basic, simple, fast wide, football. Cove are no great shakes but they could and should have won more comfortably.
  7. Utterly grim. Full backs getting ripped to shreds and midfield dreadful. Worst I’ve seen Gold play for us and Allen is terrible. Need to give the ball to Linn as much as possible to run at them, Hilson doing ok but completely isolated. Need subs on NOW!!
  8. I had a look at their respective stats last night and Muirhead is positively prolific compared to Hilson. 2 in 2 for him this season is very much out of character - long may it continue.
  9. Dinna I still had to have a quick look on twitter just to be 100% sure this was a joke.
  10. All of it or just the LD bit? I was being a bit tongue in cheek re LD as I think it was obvious I was never a big fan. My point was simply that we need more options up front and he was an option, not a good one, but an option none the less.
  11. Normally I, and I'm sure everyone else, would agree with you but I don't think you quite understand how bad our situation is. Read 1320Lichtie's recent post to understand how threadbare we are up front. If you were to ask a fan of any team who they would pick if given the choice of signing a player from Spurs or the Icelandic second division (also been rejected by a few clubs in this division as not good enought to sign and hasn't played a competitive game in a year) then I don't think anyone would pick the latter option. Yes your Spurs guy was sh!t and Isiaka could (and I sincerely hope he is) turn out to be brilliant but logic states it's unlikely.
  12. Yep, agree with all of that although I do rate Shanks higher than some. He just needs a partner. Is it ideal taking a small risk on a young "unproven" Premiership striker? Of course not and if we had done that 2 months ago we would all have all been crying out for someone better and more experienced. However, as you say, we are desperate and we need someone, anyone. Even keeping LD would have seen us in a better position than we are now.
  13. I don't think taking a punt on a striker from a Premier League team is really that huge a risk. We obviously have money and IMO it's better to speculate some of that on a potentialy decent goalscorer than do nothing at all. It's riskier not to do anything as we could end up cut adrift by January. We were in a similar postion 2 seasons ago but totally lucked out with Jack Hamilton. Could that happen again? Yes of course but it's massively unlikely, better to try all we can at the moment. Plus any player who has a full-time contract with a Premiership team isnt exactly of unproven quality. Only the tiniest percentage of what we would call "good players" ever make it to that level.
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