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  1. What a load of guff - "flying into challenges". We have been so lightweight and powderpuff this season that a bit of bite would actually be very welcome, particularly in midfield. I actually can't think of a single one of our players that could be classed as dirty or even particularly physical but you've seen us a few times over the years so maybe you can tell us?
  2. I have a pretty good feeling about Saturday too but we've been here before a few times this season already so I won't get too carried away. Some of our fans are getting incredibly excited with very little justification. One win against a team who haven't beaten us in over 3 years isn't enough... yet. Put together a few more great results and performances and fine. It's a 50/50 game I would say. However, if you're basing it on recent performances then I wouldn't get too confident. Our last 4 results are 2-1, 0-2, 1-4 and 2-2, not really inspiring. Whereas Raith are unbeaten in 9 games. Ok 6 of them were draws and 1 of the wins was against Linlithgow but their form is miles better/more consistent than ours. Since Raith lost: Raith P9 W3 D6 L0 F13 A9 Arbroath P9 W2 D3 L4 F14 A22
  3. He was mostly really good for us and I would have loved to have seen him in our new look team. He didn’t play well at Balmoral, no one did for us but he was hung out to dry by our midfield not tracking back. He was probably our best player in the game at Gayfield but was, bizarrely, substituted when we were 1-0 up and cruising.
  4. Yep, beat Montrose 4-1 to win our first ever league title in 2011. If I’m correct that’s weel kent Arbroath fan SimonLichtie in the specks. Even though it was late April, it was a pretty miserable day so don’t know what the feck Speedo boy was up to. Love the reaction to him by the guys on the terrace.
  5. Very happy to be proved wrong and look like an absolute twat come the end of the season. Come on Dick.
  6. Don't agree with this apart from the fickle bit, all football fans are to an extent. This is my 45th year as an Arbroath supporter and in that time I've seen some of the best but mostly the worst managers and teams in our history. First and foremost I'm an Arbroath fan and if a manager fails, no matter who he is, or his track record, then it's time to go. When I started going Bert Henderson, debateably our best ever manager, was in charge but he went after we got relegated to the third tier. Interestingly that relegation was followed by almost 20 seasons in the bottom league, inluding ending up flat last 3 times (can't risk that now). Should he have gone sooner when it was obvious his time had come? Anyway, I hope Dick turns this round and we can start next season with a blank slate.
  7. I was probably one of the most vocal in calling for him to go. The jury is still very much out for me and, even though the squad is undoubtedly stronger than it was and we had a great win at Morton, one swallow does not make a summer. If we can follow up last Saturday’s performance and result with a few more, very soon, then I’ll hold my hands up, admit I was wrong and lie prostrate at the alter of Big Dick. What we always have to remember though is that, no matter how the season pans out, we shouldn’t have been in this position in the first place and it’s his recruitment, tactics and lineups to date are 100% responsible for that. Ideally we stay up, Dick stays and learns (a lot) from this season.
  8. The big question I know we’re all wanting to ask is… … how many of these new signings are Joel Nouble’s mates?
  9. On paper that’s a massive improvement across the squad compared to the start of the season. I still feel it’s going to be a huge battle and relegation is still a very real threat and possibility. The next 3 months is going to be very interesting.
  10. Very interesting signing. Loads of experience at a reasonable level. 25 is a good age. Over all, very happy with how the window has gone.
  11. Definitely a right back judging by the, not very subtle, twitter post.
  12. Re Nicky Low (I will caveat all of the following with the fact that this is just my uninformed opinion as none of us know the full story so may be wide of the mark). Such a shame how it ended. A fantastic player for us and always gave 100%. What leaves a nasty taste in my mouth though is the fact that he made such a song and dance about the travelling to training and matches yet he was happy to go to Kelty. Google maps gives the travel time from Greenock to Kelty and Perth as almost identical. Granted games at Gayfield are further away but there are far more long distance games for him in L1 than the Championship. I also think he owed Arbroath FC a bit more after taking a risk with him and resurrecting his career. Can’t help feeling that he’s fecked what’s left of his career. He should have knuckled down and saw out his contract with us then he could have maybe got his dream move to Morton in the summer. I feel they won’t even want or need him anymore. He’ll probably end up at Clyde or Dumbarton or some other team close ish to where he lives. Anyway, best of luck to him.
  13. Unfortunately, personally and professionally for both Marcel and Birmingham City, it’s an absolute no-brainer. Birmingham aren’t loaning their young prospects out for charitable reasons. They want to see real development and progress and playing for a team at the pointy end is always going to be more attractive. I’m sure he would still be with us if we were up towards the top of the league. He’ll also be training full-time. From a personal perspective… well, what young professional sportsman wouldn’t love to live in Glasgow?
  14. I wasn’t going to comment on the right back situation as I’ve made my point before that we need dedicated full back cover. However IMO Oakley is a wee bit better than Stewart. Yes Stewart is good and has certain physical attributes that Oakley hasn’t but I just think Marcel is a different level. Not to say that Stewart is bad, and I’m sure he’ll get better there but I prefer him as a midfielder. Also, to say Oakley, in particular, had a howler at Cove is a bit much. The entire team were terrible but I don’t think he should be singled out. The reason the goals came down his side and he was exposed time and time again was because Gold, playing right mid, gave him zero support and he had to single handedly try and contain the entire Cove left hand side. That was probably the worst I’ve seen Gold play and it was very noticeable how much better we were on our right when Fosu came on, stuck to Logan like a limpet and stopped them rampaging down that wing.
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