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  1. I find the idea slightly nationalistic (in a bad way) To be honest there aren't that many scots in london anyway that I can see.. not in comparison to irish, spanish, italian, polish etc anyway. Ps on millwall, I think the team was started by scots to do with the docks. Millwall area is actually north of the river at isle of dogs (where canary wharf is) but they moved south of the river. there is actually a big scottish influence in east london generally when it was being built up in the early victorian times, particularly in dockland areas.. theres a lot scottish street names.. poplar, plaistow etc have a lot of these but they're elsewhere as well.. I believe this was the scottish entrepreneurs around that time who built houses for the dock workers and named the streets after scottish places.
  2. Paul Hartley- hamilton, hibs, st johnstone, hearts, celtic, aberdeen.. 6 but I think hamilton were in lower league at the time so 5
  3. Wasnt that botherd about McCarthy, thought McArthur was better in fact. Mcgeady though had something different and scored a screamer v Georgia for Ireland that not many other players would be able to score.
  4. Actually think israel at 20-1 is worth a bet.. might put it on to console me if they beat us again
  5. Agree that he is our player and why do we bother investing in performance schools.. if the sfa decide there is no return on investing in performance schools then people like him will be the reason other young players dont get the opportunity he has... In fairness I also think it's the coaches fault for not picking him and instead picking players like Campbell, ferguson etc at u21 and being very rigid. Decent players but feel banks should get an opportunity which would also help his development.
  6. Would like scott banks. He was a stand by for Wales u21. Also he is Scottish..
  7. Steven fletcher is surely better and has fantastic link up play.
  8. Mikey Johnstone fits the bill here. If he can get over his injuries. I'd also like to see Gilmour (if he plays for first team at club). I feel we should now bring only players that are or are potentially excellent where we have strength, as I dont see point in bringing in more players of a similar or even lower level like ferguson, campbell. They dont improve us imo, just means giving guys less experience for no improvement in quality.
  9. Forrest should be rewarded for getting us to the play offs. I would like to see mikey johnstone if he can get over his injuries and find form, hes a potential match winner. Possibly gilmour as well.
  10. Most lowland league teams would beat them
  11. Would like to see scot banks who was at dundee united, now at palace u23. Wales fans seems to feel he can play for them, and they've already got terry taylor (ex aberdeen now wolves) playing for them.. https://apostlewelshfootie.proboards.com/thread/7810/welsh-youth-teams-thread?page=26
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