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  1. He won't last long, no football brain unfortunately.
  2. Robertson was meant to be coming in. Malcs gave Jimmy Scott an 18 month 1st division contract, signed for Gala. 🙄
  3. They will need it, mind boggles how some teams work
  4. White Cafu with Cannigia and Ravanelli, the new dream team
  5. The dream team will go down in history that's for f*****g sure.
  6. Hope the nuggets behind the goal sober up in time to find a job tomorrow. 😂
  7. Clyde and Airdrie both put 3 past us. This cup team is basically a reserve side as we are so short.
  8. Tomorrow we will have no centre half's, 2 full backs who are hopeless, a lacklustre midfield with little creativity and a striker who was a last minute panic buy and has shown nothing at home. The next appointment this board makes has to be right or it could spell disaster for the club and after the previous effort I am not holding out much hope.
  9. Already on 3.5 and 4.5 goals for United, worst Forfar team in history.
  10. We have only 4 subs for the cup, no way we can afford any injuries or silly sendings off tonight.
  11. This was absolutely nothing to do with that chairman. Try the outgoing chairman, the same guy who appointed this shambles, all have now departed and left the club in the sh*t.
  12. Saving him and Doris for the big one. Cup is the main object
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