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  1. I'm delighted Celtic have squandered 10 in a row but Sevco's celebrations are reminding everyone why we enjoy seeing them lose. Losing 10 is great because I want to see bitter celts crying, not Sevconians celebrating.
  2. Exactly, you wouldn't be good enough to be a yoyo team, that's the point haha.
  3. Morton are closer to being relegated and Falkirk are closer to going up haha
  4. Yeah but once you get relegated you'll probably be down for a while, so I wouldn't be goading hibs for being a yoyo team. Not clever in your current position haha
  5. Well I'm not are touchy about fanbase size, but clearly RedEd and Trogdor are haha
  6. I'm not sure pointing out that we have more fans than Ayr is "crowd wanking", can't say I've ever heard of that term either haha
  7. Well what you remember is wrong. I remember we were bottom of the league and brought 1000 away fans to Ayr. Besides, a "bad" turnout for Falkirk is still more than the other teams in the championship except for Hearts and Dundee
  8. Haha I don't think the people running your club will say the same, I think they enjoy the money our fans bring to your club when Ayr host Falkirk 😉
  9. I bet you feel stupid now, considering you're facing relegation right in the face haha.
  10. Kilmarnock shouldn't be an established Premiership team, they should be a yoyo team so I think their time is due to drop out of the top division.
  11. Oh dear, looks like Morton's run in the big league is closer to coming to an end. Morton will finally be down in a division with clubs of a similar stature though 👍
  12. I'm one of them, they're so obviously out their depth
  13. 😆😆😆 That's comedy gold hahaha. The championship is very poor this year, whatever team from the championship that plays in the final will be well beaten. Also, Dundee will certainly not be in the final haha.
  14. Believe me, if Falkirk play 18 games and fail to get promoted I won't want to see anymore. I wouldn't be demanding more games, I'd want our Managers out.
  15. Whoever finishes 11 should be massively confident of winning the play-off. The standard of the championship this year is as bad as it's been in years. Teams like Raith and QoS are not top 4 championship teams. Dunfermline haven't been great either. I think the championship play-off will be good for league 1 teams as well considering the standard of the championship.
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