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  1. I think Hibs could be the surprise package next season, Jack Dross made an absolute mess in his second season at Sunderland after his best players left, could easily see that happening at Hibs.
  2. Yeah the cynic in me is saying the same. He came out with stuff the fans wanted to hear there which makes me concerned he could be a puppet. Anyway, the only way you can judge him is on the pitch, you can't lie there.
  3. Not necessarily true, relegation is what nearly bankrupted us. People should remember that if Killie were relegated in 2010 instead of us, they would've faced a financial situation worse than ours. I'm not a huge fan of Yogi's recruitment but he is undoubtedly a fantastic manager and coach. He also get's his teams to play a good brand of football which is nice to think about considering the absolute dross hoof-ball we've endured for 3-years now. I'd be absolutely delighted to see Yogi back again!
  4. Well said. The players we're looking at shows that there's no chance of us turning a corner, clearing out shite to make way for shite. We've been doing this for three years now, our fans really should be able to see this. There is no chance of these charlatans delivering anything other than disappointment.
  5. Ever heard the proverb "a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing"? Holt may have more knowledge than Deans but I don't think that actually makes him a good candidate to be the one making this huge decision, mainly because Holt is totally clueless. Well I certainly don't want a tried and failed manager which applies to a lot of the potential candidates.
  6. The names that are coming up really aren't filling me with any confidence. It's also depressing to know that the dimwit Gary Holt is the one selecting the manager.
  7. That gives us more reason to cry than what Matthews was crying about tonight. If you had just seen his reaction you'd have thought he'd been shot 😆
  8. Well I think Charlie Adams was enjoying Mathews tears tonight, never seen a Scottish footballer cry because his foot was brushed.
  9. I wonder if Matthews is drinking some of those Raith tears, I think he might find it rather bitter 😆
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