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  1. I and many other fans spotted this before the season started. We can complain about Sheerin, but the issue is with the morons running the club. There is no recruitment plan and the scouting seems lazy. We need the dimwit Holt out of our club.
  2. In my opinion it’s Holt, Deans and the Rawlins who are exclusively at fault. Our recruitment this summer was frighteningly bad, it’s not as if Sheerin has much to work with. The Falkirk job is now a poisoned chalice, the manager gets scapegoated for the incompetence behind the scenes.
  3. We continue to replace shite with shite, until we stop doing that we can’t expect any improvement. This issue comes down to the clowns running our club. We’ve yet again been sold false hope of a new dawn but it certainly never fooled me. Gary Holt needs thrown out the club as soon as possible, he’s the dimwit in charge of recruitment.
  4. Haha please explain how I’ve contradicted myself?
  5. Haha I don’t know how you think I contradict myself there, you must see something I can’t. Our board say we have by far the biggest budget in this league, and Queens are hardly world beaters.
  6. I think you’re bothered by the comment because it somehow discredits Queens win yesterday, I’m definitely not saying that and you can enjoy the result. But if Celtic were playing in the championship do you not think they would boo losing at home to Ayr? With the resources we have we should be dealing with teams with no trouble.
  7. So because we’ve drastically underperformed for 3-years we should just accept more horrendously embarrassing results? What a stupid assessment.
  8. We’re Falkirk playing in league 1, we have every right to expect to steamroll this division.
  9. Exactly, it’s completely unacceptable to lose at home to Queens Park no matter what the circumstances. Let’s remember we’re playing in the 3rd tier of Scottish football, this is a terrible level. We should be steam rolling this league. That’s why we shouldn’t get over excited beating Clyde 3-0, we should be doing that to every team in this league. I’m sorry but there is nothing positive here.
  10. Yogi wouldn’t go to Ayr, he did a great job in the premiership last season, he definitely get a better job in time.
  11. That’s plural, very clever. Ironic that you only have one point on the table.
  12. Still continued to be amazed by Ayr fans stupidly, I don’t know what standard you believe you should be at but you need to realise what you are. Hopkins is doing fine with the resources available to him, you’re not a club that should be a regular championship team.
  13. Spot on! I don’t go to football to be lectured on how I should think and behave, I purely go for entertainment reasons and to enjoy the sport. The premier league has gone way OTT with the messaging and virtue signalling, that is an example NOT to follow.
  14. Nice to see Falkirk promoting youth development, frightening to think about the dimwit running it.
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