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  1. It could be a blessing in disguise getting thumped by Alloa. It shows beyond doubt that Brian Rice has to be our new manager.
  2. Griff celebrating the goal live on TV. We are meant to have an alliance with rangers and one of our players is doing this???
  3. Looks like my prediction for bottom was spot on. I don’t expect you to congratulate me on predicting that of course.
  4. There’s just something toxic about our club, every player that comes under performs. Dowds and griffiths are proper players who look shite as soon as they wear a Falkirk top. It’s impossible to know what’s really going on. I think we missed an opportunity not taking Yogi as well.
  5. Unfortunately there is clearly something rotten with our club behind the scenes, these players are crap but they’re not that bad. No manager seems to work and no player seems to be able to play with us. I just don’t even know what to recommend. It’s actually tearful supporting Falkirk, it’s really not fair on our fans.
  6. See these moaning fans, they ruin the atmosphere around the club. Good point away from home and keeps us in 5th! Still every chance of top 4! #keep the faith
  7. How can Holt still be at the club? The reason we are astoundingly shit is because of his recruitment that was obviously not good enough. Sheerin maybe wasn’t getting the best out of the players but he hardly had much to work with. There’s only so much you can do with that team.
  8. I believed we were better in the EU but ultimately I knew it wasn’t going to make that much of an impact on our way of life. I forget the EU is a utopian political organisation
  9. I didn’t vote for Brexit You forget, like many of the SNP cult, that not everyone is far right or far left.
  10. No I’m not a Britnat, I support being in the union, doesn’t mean I’m a nationalist and go to bed singing God save the queen. Corbyn was for leaving the EU btw. It’s not a claim that Scotland would struggle it’s a fact based on the financial realities. Independence isn’t going to happen anyway so you’d be better voting for someone other than the SNP, who are a party that are making a complete mess in Scotland, that’s an issue separate to independence.
  11. It’s not right-wing types who don’t want independence. Plenty of centre -left and left leaning people realise it can’t possibly work; people like George Galloway for instances. Also, there’s a huge difference between having a deficit and having the biggest deficit in Europe. Scotland’s deficit is massive, so therefore there is no comparison with England’s deficit. So forecasts on Scottish independence are based on facts.
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