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  1. Remember the rape alarms being set off at a UTD Aberdeen game and the whole beech end giving it "we know she said no, david goodwillie we know she said no" Filthy cretin on a man and unbelievably insensitive and disrespectful from the rape rovers board. No idea how they believed this one would pan out
  2. Take it the 10 subs you refer to is based on Yogi's "if oanly we had 12 playurs oan the park" take on things?
  3. Bitter wee team mentality. How much did you guys borrow to build your hospitality shed?
  4. Unless you got hospitality for the game for Christmas
  5. Oh how you wish you had a mortal who could toe punt like that eh
  6. Loved the first interview, he actually said something not like that delusional charlatan we had before
  7. Thanks for making my day, read that completely wrong
  8. That better not be the case or these new folk will have identified themselves as a shower of balloon knots. If it is the case then I'm off to the boardroom selling unicorn milk and hen's teeth
  9. Be grim when he orchestrates a sound tawing of your mob on Saturday
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