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  1. Poppadom hands is not much better, it is not an area in which we are blessed (unlike the managerial dept if you listen to Grant)
  2. We were in the Lizzie before the wee team game and it was fine, good mix and decent atmosphere for kids.
  3. Usually a Prince or Princess...............I'll get my coat
  4. Given Grant's arrogant interview it might be the best place to sit tomorrow night
  5. Was at the game and as a non Saints supporter (well have a soft spot as it was my grandads club when we went to Muirton) I though the team effort was immense. The guys across from the main stand did their bit to create a good atmosphere and in general it was a feel good game. Thought the Turks had their first goal too easy but was delighted with the equaliser albeit was hard to see from the North stand. I know it's how you guys play but felt the gap between the midfield and defence was too tight and allowed them to take over the midfield coming into the second half and the next two goals were well worked. Fourth goal was a mare and totally gutting. McCann was fucking awesome, what an engine, what a player. May mixed it up when he came on and what can I say about big Sully's footwork for the second goal, for a big laddie that was immense close control and amazing cross ball. As a "neutral" I struggle I am at a loss to say I have seen such an inept refereeing performance. He was either told that Galatasaray were in the next round by UEFA or he had them on paddypower Came away gutted about the result as at half time I thought it was going to happen but thought you guys must be so proud of that team and support tonight. Wish you well for the rest of the season
  6. Where is the best place to park for getting back onto the A9 south, always been on the bus when up at McDiarmid
  7. Alternatively you look at the pricing structure, it seems to be sustainable in Germany to have lower prices and full stadiums. I recall a game v Dundee utd which was on sky (or setanta) and the prices were dropped, ended up with a full house
  8. Far from misty eyed, that's how we all ended up following the pars. There is little point in giving away free tickets if the product is poor. potential new fans through the door and an exciting product on the pitch seemed to work in the past.
  9. Kinda missing my point, I was quite clear that I would rather watch a decent performance and a 3-2 defeat than the crap we watched last year and a 1-0 defeat. I don't know how long you have followed the Pars but I got hooked not long after Leishman took over. He was never out the press, on the telly and the football was a bit of a roller-coaster to say the least but it was exciting. We got free tickets at the school and I know another 10 or so guys who all got into the Pars about the same time and for the same reason, East End was an exciting place to go to and we felt part of something. Dunfermline continues to grow at a startling rate and there are lots of potential young fans out there.
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