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  1. I’m not generally a pessimist about players we sign however I’m finding it very hard to get excited about the bunch we have signed up. Seems to be largely the same approach as we’ve taken over the past couple of years, being players that will “do a job” in League 1 i.e. were inconsistent in the Championship. Going off what has been said above, I’d be surprised if McGuffie and Nesbit will be consistent performers for us and not just turn in 1 good game in 5, which we have had plenty of recently. Can probably add Telfer and to an extent Morrison to that bracket too, which leaves us with very little consistent creativity. McKay and Hall at centre half isn’t particularly inspiring either. Hetherington is a good signing imo but not convinced by the rest. Obviously will give them a chance before I completely make my mind up however. And before anyone says it - obviously the signings we attract are a result of our current standing in the middle of League 1, but you would hope that wouldn’t mean we can’t push the boat out a bit and get in promising young players like McCann who have something to prove.
  2. Kane O’Connor released by Brentford, any truth in him coming to us?
  3. Is that the exact same team as Thursday? Ffs.
  4. 2nd bottom plays 4th over 2 legs, 2nd play 3rd over 2 legs, winners play over 2 legs
  5. It was Holt that was behind the 4-5-1 idea that we saw after the restart wasn’t it? So not surprised to see him start it up again.
  6. Totally agree, the thought of Holt being in the dugout gives me the absolute fear.
  7. I’m actually up for a 3rd Cove goal to knock us off top. Can only laugh at this point.
  8. Shockingly bad from M&M today. Set up with a ridiculous formation, didn’t change said formation until over an hour in when it was clear that it wasn’t working from about 5 minutes in, mental subs including taking off arguably our best player and to top it off sticking on Miller to presumably run around and kick people again. Inexcusable
  9. Suppose the only positive we can take from this is that the cnut Griffiths didn’t score.
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