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  1. Just waiting on one of they two to win the league next season and want a playoff against team 42. we’ve let them in no chance this is for one season only.
  2. Any idea when renewals for season tickets will begin? Are we waiting to hear if fans will be allowed back in first?.
  3. Where is Peter Reid playing? no like it matters just another away game to look forward to losing.
  4. Want Dumbarton, Think it will be Edinburgh City.
  5. Get them in then regardless of what happens say it works and then keep them there "for the betterment of Scottish football" If we let them in they will be here to stay.
  6. Only team that failed to beat us at their own ground this season in the league is Forfar.
  7. 10th biggest club in Scotland? What a claim to fame haha. Embarrassing stuff.
  8. Then again shit posting like this is a reason to get it up these c***s.
  9. Does anyone know the difference in prize money between finishing 6th and 7th?
  10. Home record gone. to be fair Peterhead were unlucky not to win at Bayview the last time.
  11. We'd have lost anyway. just cutting out the middle man of actually having to play the game.
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