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  1. Good save by Gordon showing the difference between having a good keeper and Scott Bain in goals.
  2. "Title race" could be over by the end of August this season.
  3. This rebuild could take Celtic a few season, Rangers might go on to win 3/4 in a row before Celtic can be in a place again to win it. Will Celtic fans have the patience to give postecoglou time to attempt and build something?. not sure they will.
  4. Celtic recruitment has been terrible in the last few years and i doubt it's going to change in the space of a couple of weeks. Going to be a very long season for their supporters.
  5. Switzerland best ever football player would have to be Josef Hugi who lead the national team in the 1950s to the World Cup Quarter Finals and scored 20+ goals in about 30 appearances for the Nati. All time Swiss club football top goalscorer with 200+ goals but i don't think he comes close to anything like what Roger Federer has achieved in Tennis.
  6. Heard that stuff makes a second feel like a month. very dangerous stuff.
  7. Does the T in your username mean Tedious? cause your're superly Tedious.
  8. What's this? There is a petition to get the game replayed. sure i saw it a few pages back on here.
  9. That petition tops it for me. that seriously can't be real...
  10. Yann Sommer deserves to be listed in among the goalkeepers in my (biased) view. Highly underrated goalkeeper and surely was better than whoever this Welsh keeper is.
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