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  1. Turns out the King starting rumour was bullsh*t but he's gone for a more defensive team:
  2. They are going to come flying out at us the start of this game as they have all season so far. Comes down to how we handle that. If we can build from the back like we did in Eindhoven we have a good shot. If not it's going to be a long afternoon. A rumour doing the rounds that Leon King is starting
  3. Guess we will find out today if the Lawrence rumours are true then. If he's injured then Arfield is the obvious replacement. He's started the season well.
  4. If Tuchel sanctioned selling Gilmour for £9m-£10m on deadline day with no buyback clause then he's mental. Gilmour will get game time under Potter. Good move for him.
  5. Kamara won't be going anywhere. Will be go with what we have now. Perhaps Kelly will leave that's about it. Souttar is injured of course
  6. I think our biggest problem is the boatload of injuries we have. Some to relatively high earners such as Davies, Roofe and Hagi. I don't get why we haven't looked at even a short term loan or something to fill the squad out while players come back.
  7. Cancelo is just ridiculous. Best full back in the world.
  8. Really hope this Lawrence news isn't true. If it was 3 weeks or so he'd miss about half of our CL games as well. If he's out I can see us going: Kamara - Lundstram Arfield/Wright Tillman Kent Colak
  9. I was incorrect. The £60 limit is only for away fans and yeah looks like a fair few of the Spurs seats will be dearer than that for the CL as they are category B. https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/media/tfthxqcr/thfc_season_2022_2023_matchday_b_.pdf But I'm pretty sure that makes us the 2nd most expensive tickets in the CL groups still. Chelsea's 3 match package is £135
  10. I've not seen those incidents but I'm pretty sure it's only serious foul play or violent conduct that you can get a retrospective red for. Which means excessive force or brutality in a challenge so the Sands incident wouldn't come under that. Happy to be corrected but that's my understanding of the compliance officer's purview.
  11. It's not violent conduct so I don't believe you can get a retrospective red for it?
  12. It doesn't include LC or SC home games. That 30,500 or so figure will be the actual exact number of sales. Looked like more than 60% full to me but perhaps I'm just a poor judge of that.
  13. More than a decent goal. A gorgeous first time finish is how I'd describe it.
  14. Lovely bit of skill from Yilmaz for Arfield's first and then he looks up to pick him out. Charlie McCann was great in his cameo. We really should give him more of a shot in certain games. Great through ball for Devine and then superb awareness with that back heel pass to Arfield.
  15. No idea who is at centre half. King and Devine with Jack at RB?
  16. Supposedly Devine, Leon King and Robbie Ure all starting tonight. Devine the oldest of them at 19.
  17. True but Cosgrove/McKenna were during COVID so it's a bit more understandable why you didn't spend as much as you have this summer.
  18. A bit part of that being that you've finally got some more substantial fees for your outgoing players this summer, no?
  19. Really hope we get to see Charlie McCann start here. Perhaps even Zac Lovelace coming off the bench.
  20. £60 quid a ticket is the max any club is allowed to charge for CL group games. That's what I'm paying for my seat in the main stand front. Bit of a pisstake really. This is Liverpool's pricing for contrast: https://www.liverpoolfc.com/tickets/european-match-prices
  21. Horrendous marking for that goal.
  22. Henderson has a superb record for pens though. Cook should have been off there for that and now Forest have all 3 centre backs on a booking.
  23. As far as I can tell they really don't have more money than Aberdeen. Happy to be proven wrong but those 3 examples don't seem the best.
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