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  1. How are Jambos thinking about that line up? Seems like a strong line up in defence to me but could be that they might be a bit knackered or not ready to start...
  2. Hopefully an enjoyable first game for the lad. Enjoy!
  3. I think we will see a bit of rotation from Wednesday that could make a fair bit of difference. I'd like to see Lowry involved today after his strong performance at Tynecastle.
  4. Tan is still holding up and will be added to after Tuesday. I had a great holiday and go to visit two cities I've never been to before. Ultimately it was a coin toss game. I'm not feeling as gutted now as I'd thought I'd be.
  5. Wasn't close to the same. Our schedule back in 2008 was much more punishing. And neither did we get some respite with playing fringe and youth players in the league games. We should be expecting to win this today. Ultimately I think it depends on how the manager sets up. Surely Roofe is fit to start here.
  6. I'm so shattered. Had to sprint out the stadium and across most of Seville to catch my bus. Then got about 3 hours sleep in a bumpy 6 hour bus back to Madrid. And now I'm working Gutting game and end to it really. So close to winning that and I think Kent should buried that chance at the end. I also don't understand why GVB didn't get Roofe on earlier. Having an actual striker who knows where to run made a difference in that last bit of ET. Ah well.
  7. What a place. Langoustine frito, Iberian pork cheek with ratouille and Cruzcampo. Sensational
  8. Good to see you back. I completely agree that set pieces are where we can create some real chances. All about keeping Kostic quiet. Roofe will be on the bench. I'd be very surprised if he started. Otherwise that team looks very close to what GVB might go with.
  9. Davis became a better player when he went down to England. More of a real centre midfielder controller. His legs of 2008 combined with his brain of 2021 would be ridiculous.
  10. I'm getting the bus back from Seville to Madrid after the game as well. Leaves 00:45 Thursday and back at about 07:15. Then I'm working a half day
  11. He's making a new program btw. David Simon I mean. Something to do with a rogue Baltimore cop unit that basically behaved like gangsters.
  12. Oh yeah and a 2008 Davis is better than all our current midfielders. I wouldn't play him on the left wing though.
  13. Davis and Whittaker on the wings Ferguson would still be sensational for us in midfield and has what we currently lack. Cuellar was an outstanding defender and would easily start for us now. I'd take 2008 Alexander or McGregor over what we have now.
  14. Here is hoping there are no massacres if they surrender. Russian and Russian aligned separatist forces executed a number of those who surrender in 2014. Not to mention that Azov are among the people in Avozstal so they could attempt to justify it by claiming that it's just "de-nazification"
  15. A cup final is always different. Your record away to the OF isn't great but at home it's fairly decent. Better at Ibrox than at Celtic Park anyway. I think I lot of it comes down to whether our players will be exhausted either mentally or physically. It is meant to be 35c in Seville on Wednesday. Colder by the 9pm local kick off time but still enough to make a difference.
  16. Madrid is a weird city. Hard to get a beer after a certain time unless you are right in the centre. Even then many places are just shut on Mondays or Tuesdays. The city centre is beautiful though and doesn't have the same problems that Barcelona does with pickpockets.
  17. Cheers. Got a bit tourist trapped today to be honest but there is still a need for tomorrow! Turns out tripe can actually be good even if the meal was middling overall.
  18. Anyone know any good restaurants in Madrid?
  19. But that isn't all that's happening is it? German economic power is now going to be translated into military power, more countries with proximity to Russia are going to be in NATO and we are seeing more of a diplomatic unity on security questions then we have for at least 30 years.
  20. Europe being more serious about their own defence rather than piggybacking on American power is great for Europe. It's been a necessity for a while imo but unfortunately it's taken this war to get it going. It's not 1995 any more and the US will be far more stretched over the coming decades.
  21. Doesn't really make sense considering that they representation and not only that but some level of control over taxation in Scotland. 1776 wouldn't have happened with that deal. Basically what they wanted was their own parliament and government but still as the King's subjects.
  22. Roofe Morelos Kent front 3 incoming At Edinburgh airport now. Flights leaving within an hour!
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