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  1. Quite like that line up. Thats definitely the back 8 I'd pick and good to see Roofe on the bench. We need more goals from midfield or wide. Aribo, Hagi and Wright need to offer that threat.
  2. A lot of governments and banks are sceptical of it. For instance you might find it very hard to get a mortgage on a house if you are using money from crypto capital gains as banks often suspect an element of money laundering or tax evasion in that.
  3. The idea that 4lads is sung less than the FS (which I've not heard at a game in many years) is just wrong.
  4. The PnB diddies are so offended by this that none of them even mentioned it until Michael Stewart tweeted about it. Imagine being led by the nose by Michael Stewart of all people
  5. I don't necessarily disagree with what you are saying but we aren't in a time of low inflation at all at the moment.
  6. Perfect timing with the train workers strike at the same time
  7. Which is more reasonable for Motherwell fans in this case really. Aberdeen fans are getting far too ahead of themselves with Ramsey to be honest.
  8. Cost is a pretty massive reason which shows up in times like this with a price spike. Plus homes built in the last 60 years are about half of the total homes. Ultimately the original poster you replied to wasn't too far off. We aren't at all ready for the governments Net Zero target yet as can really see Scotland demolishing and rebuilding over a million homes in the next nine years?
  9. There is an alternative to gas, as mentioned above, heat source pumps should have been mandatory in all new builds for the last 10 years,at least. We have the oldest housing stock in Europe. Heat source pumps won't make a blind bit of difference until we get demolishing really. Until then there is no alternative to gas which is why we should continue exploiting our domestic supply rather than do what we do now which is outsource it to other countries.
  10. It's more because they want their own club's player in there instead really. Certainly so for the 'Well and Aberdeen fans.
  11. That's electricity demand and not energy demand. The big problem right now is we don't have a realistic alternative to gas boilers. Plus there is a difference between average renewable supply and consistent renewable supply. In many times of the year we can't rely on wind and we can't use storage. So we have to use fossil fuels to make up that gap. What we should be doing is copying what the French did in the 70s/80s. They went from 0% nuclear to 80% in 20 years.
  12. Well done Patterson!! Score one for more for my bet lads
  13. Tierney needs to relax too. The whole defence. Too many hoofballs.
  14. McGregor on. A centre half off for a right back and go 4-3-3
  15. This is such a bad start. Nowhere near enough width. Go 3-4-3 or 4-3-3
  16. What is that donkey Dykes doing? Absolute farce that he is anywhere near the starting eleven.
  17. We don't need to win while Israel probably do. That's the main advantage. Avoid defeat and we are still in a great position.
  18. Over 3 and a half years since Hibs last beat us. I'd take them stopping it becoming 4 years in the Easter Road game if it means winning this tie.
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