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  1. Weren't granted a licence for the 2012/2013 season in April 2012 is why.
  2. He's talking about Rangers. The OP is a pile of shite though and Livi will definitely get to play in Europe if they qualify.
  3. Look up the actual conditions on what can be covered by shareholders and what kind of spending can be written off as investment. Or keep believing it's all a conspiracy
  4. Please please break down your theory on why we shouldn't get a UEFA licence pal.
  5. Book a pub for the game time for sure. At least as a plan B if the fanzones aren't open.
  6. We need second doses to get to herd immunity as we are seeing a drop in antibodies among older groups: This data is in England and goes up to 3rd April. In those 10 days after we've had a lot of 2nd doses so hopefully anti-body figures are much better.
  7. Not really we were just far too good this season. By the time they could have reasonably got rid of him it was already far too late. Even Pep Guardiola or Sir Alex Ferguson wouldn't have clawed back that 13 point gap opened in early December.
  8. Sad to see. Mentally tortured after fans tried to drive him out the club.
  9. Because that's how subjectivity works.
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