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  1. It wasn't. BBC's website/app has just been saying a lot of games in the Lowland League have been "abandoned" when they haven't. The game finished 1-3.
  2. He won't go with that midfield 3 I don't think. I wouldn't be surprised if its: Lundstram Kamara Hagi
  3. Can't argue with your list too much but Ange has to be lower than Jack Ross. He never played professionally. The quality of the list has dipped since 2018. Top 6/7 in 2018 had multiple league titles, trophies and English Premier League careers. Now you've got Callum Davidson 2nd.
  4. Hopefully we got £1m at least for Edmundson. Supposedly Oldham get 20% of the profit and we paid £650k so even if he's £1m it's more about just getting our money back.
  5. We got an increased capacity after complaining to the council I believe. They were definitely more than 8k at the Brighton game. Probably closer to 15k.
  6. Seems your fans have been raving about the start that Kyle McDonald has made as well?
  7. It's after the 9th of August which is when Scotland is meant to be lifting nearly all restrictions. Should mean away fans available for this game. What's your likely line up with no Kai Kennedy? Sounds like you are playing 3-4-3 this season?
  8. That settles the biggest club in the world debate then. The galaticos slapped about in the govan sun by the famous.
  9. We've missed some chances. The Kent one in particular. Still players to come back as well.
  10. Rumours that Aribo and Roofe are either isolating due to getting pinged by the app or they actually tested positive.
  11. This has been an excellent performance btw. Wright and Hagi have been brilliant for me.
  12. For the country coefficient it doesn't make any difference until you reach the groups. This is the difference in terms of what the clubs get based on which round they go out in:
  13. Midtjylland are so bad. Can barely string a pass together. With a bit of mental strength the filth can get a win over there as their players middle to front are technically superior.
  14. I was the same a little but would have taken either. Turns out I'm going to both now as I'm taking a friend's ticket on the Sunday.
  15. Yes! Got my ticket for Brighton. First time back at the football in 16 months...
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