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  1. Imagine picking this diddy Gordon over McLaughlin Clarke is genuinely a clueless idiot.
  2. 2 nil against this garbage
  3. Loads of ways. You can short stocks, buy commodity futures and invest in inflation hedges. Depends really on what you mean exactly when you predict the economy will perform worse.
  4. My holiday is nearly over. Any good news apart from the Goldson contract. Or still pretty slow?
  5. In terms of metric tons of oil extracted the figure I saw was that their American production is over 4x their entire European production.
  6. The vast majority of BP's profits come from overseas extraction. Nothing to do with domestic energy bills or domestic FF production.
  7. Absolutely incredible from the Salerno fans and what an achievement considering where they were in the table a few months ago.
  8. Havel was instrumental in the Velvet revolution and the direct successor party of the one he founded has been the most successful electorally in the new Czech state so I'm not really sure what you are referring to there. Similar situations with Poland, Croatia and Slovenia. Now you could say it is a very different situation as we aren't going to be a post-communist state. But it is a pattern that exists.
  9. Don't think it's much of a stretch at all. It's very common for the party that achieves independence to be rewarded with power for a decent while after.
  10. Lewis Ferguson was in attendance and supporting us on the night.
  11. There really isn't much of a reason to believe that independent government would mean any improvement if you don't trust the SNP. Ultimately what it would just mean is that the SNP would be in power for 5-10 years with less money to actually govern with.
  12. Out of the players most likely to leave due to contract situations (Morelos, Kent and Aribo) it goes a bit like this in terms of the priority of who must be kept: 1 - Kent 2 - Morelos 3 - Aribo In fact I'd be actively looking to sell Aribo. If any of them don't re-sign then they must be sold anyway. We can't let another Goldson situation happen imo.
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