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  1. Impressed by Yeats again tonight, we are toothless up front though a couple of forwards required. Williamson offers nothing, we should be looking for a right back also.
  2. Thank you guys, I'm a dinosaur I ain't got twitter.
  3. I saw somewhere we have a game against Stranraer tommorow is this a closed door game as I can't see any info on the Club website regarding this game. Nothing on the ticket site thing either just season ticket or donation options. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  4. Renewed my season ticket last Saturday online and got 2 e-tickets for tommorow night.... Twisted my sons arm to come along
  5. Can anyone tell me how much the main stand at the stadium cost to build.
  6. If they are in the last 6 months of their contract can their agents/representatives not speak to other clubs regarding them, or is that just allowed for players?
  7. I'm giving up going/watching football I'm a fecking loser, Falkirk and Leeds United need I say more. To f**k with football.
  8. Lost all interest a few weeks ago, 1 all draw at home against Peterhead was the last game I was at. I just can't be bothered now, won't be at another game this season.
  9. Peterhead players all looked tidy and comfortable on the ball except for the number 4 who really should take up wrestling, how he got to the latter stages of the game before he got booking was unbelievable.
  10. Williamson saw plenty of the ball first half especially and did nothing with it, shat out a few 50/50s also.
  11. I really don't think Ruth is as bad as some on here are making out he is certainly not 'dugmeat' He is 19/20 so still learning 1 in 3 ratio is decent for a striker regardless if 2 were allegedly 'shite' he still put them in, I'm sure all the top strikers have scored their share of 'shite' goals. Perhaps he is disliked because he is/was seen as Sheerins golden boy. If he is kept it will be interesting to see how he performs under Rennies/Millers stewardship.
  12. Surely every goal scored in a football match could have been avoided at various points in play before the goal. Also yeah if The Sons took all their clear cut chances they would have scored 4 but likewise if we took ours we would have scored 9, its all ifs ands and buts.
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