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  1. A different team might have been preferable for the game but it’s splitting hairs in my opinion, the full thing has been a tremendous effort and regardless of who we play I’m looking forward to the day and honouring the wee man.
  2. To correct you the game is quite obviously not to celebrate losing a final, it’s about celebrating Crunchie and the opening/naming of the Kevin McAlister south stand. Also who are these “leaders” you refer to? As far as I’m aware the full thing has been 100% fan led with the signage, money raised and organisation all coming from a group of dedicated fans who’ve spent the last two years raising money for this in conjunction with various charities to celebrate and honour our player of the millennium and local boy Kevin McAlister, a little bit of appreciation wouldn’t go a miss.
  3. Was just thinking the same thing. He was going to be in my team alongside yogi. Big Ivo was class for us in both spells, also made players around him play better. Big Kevin Christie was never the same after Ivo left
  4. Was hardly a gift, the council own and use a large part of the main stand, the club only have the outside pitch facing facilities (the seats!) and the changing rooms. In fact the council actually charge the club to use the catering facilities and function rooms. Pretty decent deal they have ended up with!
  5. Think the debt might have been closer to 2m we had to pay the guy Healy, also at a guess still we also then obviously had the north stand to built after the “first stage” was completed. The way we operated at the time with the club being proped with MSG soft loans any time there was a tight year may also have meant there was some additional debt to clear at that end. Not sure how accurate Wikipedia is either, I had it in my head the final cost of the stadium came to 11 million excluding the south stand. I’m sure that was quoted at the time.
  6. Is this not the same hybrid pitch Hearts recently installed at the cost of 1 million ?!
  7. I’d prefer us to develop the assets we already do own outright at the stadium than going paying money out on a town centre shop. As has already been explained, it’s only the use of the internal 1st and 2nd main stand floor facilities the club has to pay for the use of. We could easily move to another section of the stadium we do have ownership/control of.
  8. We wouldn’t need to buy out the councils share of the main stand, simply stop using the internal facilities and services on the 1st and 2nd floor which could be easily done by developing our own hospitality suites, function rooms and office space in either the south / north stands or by somehow funding a development on the east stand where we already have outline planning permission. It’s something that’s already in the thinking of the new BOD for the longer term.
  9. You keep referring to “the stadium” where in reality it’s only a section of the stadium the council have control of. This could be solved by simply moving any use of hospitality suites to the south stand or a new development on the east side and in the long term the guys on the BOD have said they are actively looking at this. I think you are over inflating yet another issue (if it’s even an issue is debatable?!) which you seems to be blowing out of proportion when there are far more pressing problems facing the club
  10. That seems hefty and GD is one of those people who just likes hearing himself speak whether he’s spouting bullshit or fact matters not to him. Hard to give an exact figure I guess but how much we pay the council obviously varies on how often we use the facilities, I.e. the more match day hospitality we do or concerts we host ect. Even using the Amarillo lounge to host the AGM incurs charges which is probably the reason more of these meetings are now being held in the south stand bar but in the case of general match day operations(outwith the hospitality suites) or day to day training it doesn’t cost the club anything to use the parts of the stadium ourself or SA own I.e. the pitch, changing facilities, north /south stands and main stand seating.
  11. Nothing for “the ground” as you put it, rent is paid only for the south stand (I’m sure the club accounts show it being in the region of 70k per annum) to Sandy Alexander who was our former largest shareholder. It was asked and laid out at one of the AGM’s, if you read my above post I tried my best to explain the arrangement in regard to what the club do and don’t have to pay for, who owns what and the problems/restraints the club has financially when using the facilities within the main stand. Ideally if we could develop an east stand or use the south stand for match day hospitality and other functions we could almost completely cut out the council. It’s not a particularly great deal and 100% outright ownership would be better however there are clubs saddled with far worse arrangements as well.
  12. You do realise the club have a 125 year priority lease on the land the pitch and stands sit on which we only pay a peppercorn rent for and even although we technically don’t own the land we do own the north stand, the pitch facing aspects of the main stand and changing facilities, SA owns the south stand with the lease also covering the land where a potential east stand would sit should we somehow find the cash to develop this. The council screw the club by charging us to use the internals of the main stand, specifically the lounges, hospitality suites, bars and bar staff impacting our ability to make any serous income from the facilities in the stadium like some other clubs can. This was asked at a previous AGM and explained, we don’t pay anything for using the stands and changing facilities on match days, training or any other time for that matter, we have priority use of all this at no additional cost including if we chose to host such events as a concert, it’s the facilities within the main the stand they have us over a barrel with and I dare say are charging the events company a pretty penny for at these gigs but it’s all factored in to a budget and the club make upwards of 6 figure sums hosting these events as is shown when the accounts are published. It may sound convoluted but it’s not a totally uncommon arrangement. Randomly I have a friend who runs a livery and training yard for sports horses, he doesn’t own the indoor arena which was built by a 2nd party however said arena does sit on his land and there is a long term lease agreement in place giving both parties access to it at no cost to either of them. It’s mutually beneficial.
  13. Think there are approximately 8500 seats but obviously for a gig they can sell the pitch as standing tickets as well then also fill the corners in with temporary stands bumping the overall capacity up a good bit in comparison to what it would be for a football match.
  14. This comes across very desperate, you’ll obviously have nothing to worry about next season in this case and will be 20 points clear of us at the top of the league before Christmas time. Leats see how it pans out.
  15. Agree with the sentiment however depending on overheads an academy does bring pressure to make that big sale each year to pay for itself, it’s something we need to bare in mind as our new youth programme grows and develops. In the years where the academy does not produce the club need to make sure its overheads are at a level the club can sustain without the need for player sales, being reliant on the sale of players for big fees will always potentially give somebody the convenient excuse they need to pull the rug as happened previously.
  16. Problem here is there is absolutely zero evidence that the new BOD have been anything but professional, nor is there any evidence anything is leaking from boardroom. You seem to be creating problems that don’t exist.
  17. Could you quote a few of these posts please? I’ve only ever read general speculation on here that youd expect on an online chat platform regarding the McGlynn appointment, never anybody claiming “they had it on good authority “
  18. Now we are having to explain the concept/meaning of a rumour to this guy!
  19. You are just making things up now, numerous posters have tried to explain things to you but you seem incapable of absorbing simple information. McGlynn is out of contract and on the face of it Falkirk have done absolutely everything above board if the speculation is true as appears to be. There is zero evidence of any “leaks” by the Falkirk board if you have evidence to contrary please show me? Fans speculating about McGlynn, Murray, Wright ect is all perfecty normal on a online chatter page! It does not mean somebody from Falkirk, Raith Rovers or Mcglynns camp have leaked some top secret confidential shit they shouldn’t have! Please accept this in the way everyone else has and shut the f**k up! You are either clueless or have some kind of agenda against the new guys running the club because you seem hell bent on discrediting them without any evidence or substance.
  20. Can you show me where anybody has claimed to be ITK and said they definitely know for a fact we have went for McGlynn? All I have read is guess work, speculation or people suggesting who they think we are looking at or who they think we should be looking at. Fans are allowed to offer an opinion on who they want as manager FFS!
  21. Do you have any evidence of this confidential information being leaked from within the BOD, I’ve honestly heard nothing other than rumour or opinion on here, even at that I’ve not read anything where somebody has claimed to be 100% ITK but fans are surely allowed to speculate and discuss? Is that not the point of an online forum? One of the things I’ve liked about the new BOD is that it appears a very tight ship with nothing leaking out until it actually becomes official (look at the MR appointment as an example, absolutely nobody seen it coming or predicted it) and they announce something. Who specifically on our board do you think is leaking confidential info? Could you show me your evidence for this please?
  22. If Murray wants to wait until after the play offs I’d rather we opted for one of the other candidates, we can’t afford to hang about waiting on the off chance Airdrie stay down (presuming that’s Murray’s thinking) especially if a McGlynn or a Tommy Wright is available and willing. Of the three I’ve mentioned I actually think McGlynn is the one that fits the job criteria best despite the fact I’ve always found his personality a bit abrasive.
  23. Not sure where you’ve seen “years” being quoted to sort out the mess but it’s certainty not a 5 minute job. As an outsider looking in the obvious things on the surface of it the new BOD need to sort out other than the football team would be issues like our shirt sponsorship deal that we are now tied into, if it’s true no DD was done on the company and we haven’t been paid that has to be a big priority as it’s a major source of income. The pitch has also been allowed to overrun its lifespan so money will have to be found and something done there, we have players singed up on three year contracts many of whom a new manager will want to shift to free up budget so negotiations need to take place there, small things like the hard core car park rear to the south stand has been allowed to deteriorate with huge pot holes everywhere and the council pulling us up for it (although I do see it is now being sorted) , dealing with the mess Fergus and Holt left the new youth set up in ect ect. I’m sure there is a lot more going on behind the scenes that needs sorted as well which we as fans don’t see or notice provided the first team is winning, if they can just get that bit working first and win some games of football it gives the new BOD some breathing space and time to sort the rest of the mess out.
  24. Agree it COULD be turned around in one season but it would take a fantastic effort with everything having to fall into place very quickly, if you take into account Dunfermline, Kelty, QP and possibly QOTS will all be full time and have similar or larger playing budgets to ours. For us to win the league we need the next manager to be 100% on it from day one, we can’t afford a bad signing or a project type player, we’d also need a bit of luck with moving out players under contract to free up wages and a bit of luck with injuries over the course of the season. I’d say it’s possible to win this league but probably now more on the unlikely side and I certainly no longer have us down as favourites as would have been the case in previous seasons. We may as a group of fans have to try and be patient which is obviously a bitter pill to swallow have already been stuck in this league 3 seasons.
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