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  1. What does flying a Saltire or a Union Jack or any flag have to do with nazi salutes?! Just because people maybe done it 30 years ago is no defence for it happening now, football clubs, fans and people in general evolve. There was once a time when people thought slavery was acceptable but at no point was it ever right!!
  2. Why would Morrison being “unavailable” mean he was being sold. That’s a bit of a leap is it not?!
  3. They boy Burgoyne we had on loan from Wolves was good, wonder where he is now
  4. Not sure why anybody would have an issue with the two new fan groups you mention, both have already raised and put significant amounts of cash into the club with more to follow. Both groups are also completely open to any fan prepared to invest in the club from as little as £10 a month and in fact are actively encouraging more fans to get involved, both groups are run on a one member one vote basis. Maybe some would prefer the return of the MSG or the return of Deans /Mcfarlane ect to the club board!
  5. I think this more or less summarises everything pretty accurately here
  6. Glad to hear it because we do indeed have plenty to be positive about going forward in my opinion and the early signs are good, however obviously change won’t happen overnight and a few eggs need to be broken to make an omelette. …..Would also be nice/beneficial if folk didn’t “judge” or “assume” (to use your words) there had been some form of “in fighting” or negativity behind the scenes unless they are able to actually provide any substance to it as well.
  7. What utter shit stirring nonsense, David White genuinely can’t devote time to the role needed and felt the position was being wasted on him. It was always only a temp position anyway until the FSS held elections. I honestly wonder about some of our fans, things behind the scenes for once actually seem to be going well yet some seem determined to look for any slight negative they can find regardless of whether there is any substance!
  8. There was an open application process where the BOD actively asked fans willing to give up time and expertise to apply over a month ago now, in the latest update they state they have brought a number of new volunteers in on the back of that. They also politely thanked those who had offered but weren’t required at this time. Im really not sure why your raising an issue here, as far as I can see the new regime are properly getting to grips with things now and sorting out the mess they inherited while slowly removing/replacing people who were a possible hindrance to driving the club previously. I’m actually becoming more impressed and confident in the new leadership with every decision they have made so far, like I said, I’m a bit confused what you mean here? (also David White genuinely felt the position needs somebody who can devote more attention to it than has now become apparent to him he can, exactly as stated, the FSS I’m sure will confirm this officially shortly. His role was only temporary anyway until the FSS can hold elections)
  9. If your taking the post of a random punter on Facebook as 100% fact then fair enough, Mark Reynolds is also easily better than any of the defenders currently playing for either Falkirk or Clyde and if we are interested in him I’m relatively happy with that.
  10. Think Mark Reynolds would be a very steady signing for us at the moment if he’s out the picture at Dundee Utd. Been involved in Scotland squads in the past and has English premiership experience ect, I think dropping into league one with us he’d give our defence some much needed stability. He’s easily better than anything we have playing at the back currently.
  11. I think it’s more to do with having to answer to Jamie Swinney now and not his pal Mr Holt.
  12. I was under the impression there had already been an amalgamation/partnership of sorts between the two funds to combine the shares purchased?
  13. It is still early days but we do really need more fans to sign up, Morton have a similar fans ownership scheme with 850 members. Surely we can at least match that! Not sure what people’s excuses are now that Holt is away
  14. Clear what up exactly? What exactly have the new BOD done you class as a shambles? So far the decisions made I’ve actually been very impressed bearing in mind it’s only been just over a month since they were installed.
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