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  1. Except it doesn’t go to the council, you’ve just made that up.
  2. Been told none of the money goes to the council, get your tin foil hat off please!
  3. Some posters on here get slaughtered if we dare call ourselves a big club in this division but it’s now ok for you to use the fact we are a big club in relative terms so you can shove our recent failures down our throats ? I give up man!
  4. Sorry, my mistake. The comment is in line with some of the actual stuff posted on here recently tho so you’ll forgive my mistake.
  5. If he’s looking for a move it will be up a division or down to England. Certainly not dropping down the Scottish divisions to play for us!
  6. I’ve just worded that wrong, he had OUR most assists. Apologises but I thought the point I was making was clear enough. (Incidentally having just checked he was 2nd in the assist table behind Chalmers with only a single assist less but has scored 3 more goals than Chalmers if we are being pedantic)
  7. Agree on Nisbet, he had a very decent season overall. Finished the season with the highest number of assists in the league and was selected by his fellow peers to be in the team of the year. His form did drop of toward the end of the season as was the same for a number of our players but during that mid season spell he was arguably our best player and it was at that point he was offered the new deal, probably in part due to other clubs sniffing around I’d guess.
  8. Quite a balanced / sensible statement all be it mostly states the obvious. I’m one of the fans now prepared to give McGlynn his two years for “phase two” although the way our arses collapsed in the final quarter of the season worries me, I’m hoping that has been questioned by the board with Mcglynn providing some sort of reasoning and also a solution, we simply can’t be as inconsistent next season if we are to win the league outright. On the plus side the management team did improve us significantly over the pre season and recruitment was better than it has been for a while, if we can get a similar level of improvement again going into the coming season combined with a bit of stability other sides won’t have hopefully it leads to finally getting out of this hell hole of a league. One good signing so far in Agemann with rumours of more to follow, the more time that passes the Airdrie game fades more in my memory and I do find myself becoming more and more positive about things.
  9. Think him going to Livi is every bit as unlikely as him ending up back at Falkirk this summer to be honest.
  10. Can’t see him dropping as low as league one or taking such a hit in wages but he has stated publicly a few times his desire to return to the Falkirk before retires. Extremely unlikely at this juncture I’d say but we can dream.
  11. I think he’s alluding to the 1.2million loss we racked up in that year, it obviously made things a bit tight financially! Pretty certain that won’t be the case when this years accounts are published under the new fan ownership structure and BOD. I think we at least start next season on a much more stable footing financially if nothing else.
  12. Technically the best man for the job would be Pep Somethings really do not need to be pointed out. I’d say at the time taking into account our budget and place in the pyramid McGlynn probably was the best available candidate for the job. Hindsight can of course change everything.
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