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  1. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2022/06/30/bairns-to-elect-fans-director/
  2. Agree with this, at the time in the position we were in taking a gamble on a player of Griffiths quality made sense to me and plenty of others on here seemed to agree at that time. Can understand why Rennie wanted him, in hindsight it didn’t pay off but that’s the nature of football. The wages he received (roughly 24k) over what was only a 4 month contract would have made very little difference to our budget in the grand scheme of things. Banging on about it is pointless , It’s a non issue for me.
  3. Expecting ST sales to be at our championship levels is surely a bit unrealistic when we are currently a mid table league one side. We had 2700 season ticket holders the season we went down, getting any where near that is remarkable IMO. Particularly considering the dross of the last 3 seasons and the country being in the middle of a cost of living crisis.
  4. Unfortunately we are stuck with they’re legacy, it’s crucial we can somehow move at least a couple out to get a couple extra in. McGlynn has been left with some job on his hands not only to source good enough players but trying to shuffle that squad to free up wages, the mess Holt has left us in lumbered with terrible players on three year deals can’t be magicked away unfortunately. Having said all that we are told that even without any departures we can still expect another couple of players plus a couple of loans, if all those singings are bang on and can go straight into the first 11 we definitely have a chance. McGlynn now has no margin for error tho, every player brought in will need to hit the mark.
  5. The seats in the main stand have been in place and in use for 20 years! I’m guessing it’s pretty standard procedure in most stadiums one or two might need replaced from time to time!
  6. For no definitive reason I’ve a similar suspicion, they obviously punched above there weight a bit last season and were excellent at times. It’ll be harder to do the same again after losing a manager and they’re best player. The fans expectations will be raised now as well which also brings an added pressure to deal with, particularly for a rookie management team. I can see it being a tricky season for them.
  7. On his interview at the time I don’t think the manager classes Oliver as an out and out striker, unless we have no other options his position will probably be one of the front three behind a striker in McGlynns preferred 4-2-3-1. Certainly his goals to game ratio would suggest he’s not an out and out number 9.
  8. We were particularly terrible in every area of the park during that period, Griffiths despite carrying an injury from the Alloa match which prevented him training properly, being massively unfit and under motivated was by no means our worst player. Far from it in fact. An incentivised contract (if he was prepared to accept such a deal) carries little or no risk financially on the clubs part and if somehow McGlynn can get him motivated everyone knows the guys ability, at only 31 years old there is no reason he’s lost any of that ability. It may or may not work but at least the onus would be on the player to earn his wage and in reality can you suggest any obvious alternatives? Competitive games start in two weeks and we literally have no strikers.
  9. Exactly my thoughts, he’d be by far and away the top striker ability wise outside the premiership. It’s just finding a way to get his head in the right place. If there were any other obvious options I’d say leave well alone but at the moment I really can’t see where we are finding this 20 goal a season striker most teams that win leagues have. I get the fear we’ll end up with another Jamie Wilson type signing or a last minute young untested player on loan similar to Ruth which just won’t cut it if we have league winning ambitions.
  10. I’d take him back on a heavily incentive based contract. The guy is still only 31 years old.
  11. Hopefully if we get a few hundred extra tickets sold early doors it’ll mean more scope budget wise for McGlynn to get some decent players in
  12. I’d agree but it does depend how much budget McGlynn has left, if bringing Sibbs back meant us not having the clout to bring in at least one (we really need two) decent striker I get why we haven’t made a move for him. It’s just down to budget management. We were told we were going with as squad of 24 and presuming 2 or three of those are cheaper loan signings it does not leave much room for manoeuvre unless we shift some of the dross under contract.
  13. Don’t think McGlynn has offered him a deal to be honest. If he has it’s been kept very quiet on all sides, Craig is obviously a local boy and has friends/family that are also Falkirk fans so if there was anything happening we’d have seen a bit more smoke I reckon.
  14. I actually prefer just the plain navy and white strips as well. Simple no nonsense and no daft patters please.
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