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  1. 25 fans did fork out at least double that recently for a worthless share certificate in order to help the club, I reckon a decent few of these 10 year season tickets will be sold if not all. It’s good way the let fans who can afford to help the club while still getting something tangible for they’re investment if they want to.
  2. You seem to know a lot more about the clubs financial position than any of us do! ……We have already been told the budgeted 600k increase in revenue is actually on target to be exceeded so don’t know why you keep mentioning it despite me already pointing this out in my previous response. The 400k operating deficit is another matter but again as I’ve already explained there have been a number of initiatives ongoing for months now including the patrons group buying more shares (I know a few of the guys who have indicated they’ll be doing this, all be it I can’t speak for others of the group just the people I know), the club have had 14 responses so far from the 25 available season tickets which is a minimum of 70k potentially rising to 125k, as per the pod cast we know the club had arranged discussions regarding potential soft loans from both SA and MR who have provided these in past years where there have been shortfalls, there’s also been a slight uptake in both numbers and individual contributions to the FSS. We await the AGM papers coming out to find out facts, actual figures and how fruitful this has all been but my guess is between a combination of these measures we won’t be far away, apart from the guys on the BOD this is the only information we have at the moment which although difficult it seems the club have been proactive and are ahead of the situation. Are you telling us we are being lied to? Do you know something we don’t? Or are you just determined to mischief make on an anonymous online forum of a rival club to put an even more negative spin on things?
  3. Suppose it’s pretty irrelevant now anyway but I doubt we’d have budgeted for having to pay off a manager, if you were interested in the detail of it for one reason or another that expenditure I’d presume will be included in the clubs accounts when they are released. Shareholders are still waiting for papers to be sent out and a date for the AGM to be arranged however………..For what’s it’s worth Rennie was only on a 6 month deal so wouldn’t have been given a pay off and I’m sure Holts position was simply made redundant so his payoff would probably have been minimal, we likely did have give Sheerin a wedge tho!
  4. (Obvious trolling here but I’ll bite anyway) You have either not read the detail properly or are just on the wind up, they targeted an uplift in overall revenue by 600k in this financial year which is on course to be met if not exceeded (considering the previous financial year still had various covid restrictions in place and our main shirt sponsor shafted the club with us eventually not getting a penny from the deal this wasn’t particularly unachievable). That however still leaves the club with an operating deficit of 400k which will need to be plugged, we have been told there are a number of ongoing initiatives right now including discussions with shareholders to partly fund it via soft loans, further share purchase from the patrons group and a number of 10 year season tickets with a few extras flung in are currently be punted to fans at £5000 a pop, the club has also been pushing for an uplift in numbers from the FSS. We will find out at the AGM if this has been sufficient to raise the 400k needed or not. If it hasn’t the BOD indicated in the pod cast that the idea of fan ownership may have to be shelved and the remaining unsold shares sold to a single investor.
  5. It’s actually quite cute how those lower down the food chain enjoy they’re moments in the sun when taking the big teams scalp I guess.
  6. No that definitely is not true, try again
  7. Patrons group has been expanded and some existing members have increased they’re/the groups shareholding so new money from there, also a slight increase in FSS numbers and presumably a bit more cash from these 10 year season tickets that are being punted. Any shortfall left after that investment is added will be being made up via soft loans I presume.
  8. I’m presuming the AGM won’t be announced until the club has an idea what numbers they’ve been able to raise via these recent fund raising/investment initiatives that have been pushed, that and/or finalising agreements with shareholders for any soft loans that have been needed. There’s no point in calling us all to a meeting if all that information isn’t finalised and available, shareholders need to be given an accurate up to date position of where the club is and what needs to be done rather than a “we don’t know yet” or we’re “still in discussions with” such and such.
  9. Trying to pretend there was never any animosity between various fan led organisations and the former MSG would be crazy, fans were rightly angry at how the club was being ran which ultimately led to the the loss of our youth academy and us being relegated to league one. Change had to happen and we eventually got there, it certainly feels like all parties are on the same page now(or at least they should be) and the club does appear to be starting to turn the corner, I’m relatively confident that come the AGM a package of measures will have been put in place to address the short term funding gap.
  10. SA still owns more than 10% of the club entitling him to a place on the BOD, he could sit on or place somebody on the board at any time he wanted, however both him and MR have rightly taken a step back from the day to day running of the club with the rest of the former MSG moving on completely. Regardless of that I’m not sure why loaning a company money which will be re-paid (probably with interest as was done previously) would give a person a place on said company’s board. It would be different if that person was buying a significant shareholding obviously but that’s not what’s happening here.
  11. Wasn’t aware the NB group was even a thing back then, can only remember the BtB bid where we all pledged a monthly subscription(think it was fronted by Kenny Jamison) the Allan Gow fronted bid and the Mark Campbell bid which the club inexplicably decided to opt for of the 3 despite warnings and obvious red flags many pointed out.
  12. Were SA and MR not already out of the picture by then, they’ve both been hands off for a while now? They’d diluted their shareholding’s and Rawlins had already invested placing himself and wife on the BOD as the clubs largest shareholders at the point of the NB bid. Surely any acrimony would have been with the BOD who were sitting at that point in time? The acrimony I remember was more with the Deans, Mcfarlane, Coburn BOD ect who have now all moved on.
  13. Who within the patrons group has “past acrimony” with SA or MR? I wasn’t aware of this, presumed relations were good. Even if true I don’t imagine a personal issue regarding a person or persons within a larger fans group should detract from the main objective, the club is more important than any single fan or shareholder.
  14. They also suggested selling shareholding to new investment, additional investment via the patrons group taking a bigger shareholding and spoke about some sort of share buy back scheme over and above the soft loans and simply increasing FSS membership. The 25 season tickets made available for 10 seasons at 5k each is obviously another initiative despite it not being mentioned on the podcast, that in itself could potentially raise 125k. At I guess I’m going to presume if the 400k gap is to be closed it’ll be a combined effort rather than a heavy reliance on one initiative alone.
  15. When was this announced? They said on the podcast they were due to meet with them regarding potential soft loans but that was in amongst a raft of other measures, I presumed we wouldn’t find out the finalised detail until the AGM.
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