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  1. From Bozo number 2 I’d like to say thank you for recognising our hard work this afternoon!! Now Regarding Jack Hodge if you go check flash scores his name is down as Bryan Hodge. Can’t really say much about Botti Biabi, as I’ve never heard anyone say his name so I took a stab at it. Yes at times we got a bit excited, this was our first time We tried our best to have a laugh and remain as unbiased as we could, but we slipped up and let our true colours come out every so often. Andy Munro is in his 3rd season with you’s, so ‘years’ is right. The boy at Stirling might be better than us but not as good looking 😂 Bozo number 1 is 17 and has a passion for talking If anyone else would like the job, application open Monday 8am Good luck everyone 👍👍
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