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  1. Jack Hendry just won the best player in the Belgian pro league award. Based on in game stats by the look of it and not sure if there are other awards that are more prestigious. Still, must be doing his confidence the world of good ... I’ve always thought he would settle down to be a really accomplished player and more than happy for him to be the rcb of a 3 in the Euros.
  2. This ... wasn’t convinced Ryan Jack should have been in there but completely won over by his performances the last couple of games. Think they both complement each other really well, they allowed the team to press further up the pitch, which just made Serbia look pish .. they aren’t, but the high press just put their defence under so much pressure it made them look honking. Think that’s a partnership that will just grow and grow, two really intelligent footballers, they make it work!
  3. The other thing I forgot about is the long wait for the tournament to start ... it’s started for me last night, couldn’t sleep thinking about what players might step up in the next few months, thinking about how much this team will grow, worrying that something will happen to any of th3 players, will we be able to get in and see the games ... it’s going to be a rollercoaster but I forgot how amazing this feeling is!
  4. Have I missed something Didn’t fall asleep till way after 2, just couldn’t calm myself down! You think you grow out of this stuff, but you don’t ... I can vaguely remember as a wee boy seeing the opening ceremony in 1974 and can remember every game of every tournament after that. I grew up complacent, we qualified for tournaments, it’s what we did ... and were gutted because we couldn’t get out of our groups! I felt like I was reliving that again, and that emotion that never leaves ... excitement, fear, anxiety ... and pride in the boys that represent you, what a night ... it’s fcukin brilliant being Scottish!!
  5. Thanks .. I thought the back 3 was outstanding, I didn’t think Considine put a foot wrong over the 180 minutes. Would be harsh for him to be replaced but I think SC might want to get Tierney in. Just a hunch but would love Considine to keep his place .. kind of blessed now that, by changing the system, we’re in a place where we can discuss strength in depth in a position that’s been a real weakness for us.
  6. Thought McTominay was outstanding as RCB ... was really concerned after his first game in that role and, to be honest, felt Clark was just being stubborn, and a bit of a p***k, by persevering. But I work in mental health, and have not coached at any level .. for one second .. in my entire life. I wouldn’t change the back 3 going forward, maybe Tierney for Considine at a push, but they look a really good balanced unit that can only get better. He’s been proven right to persevere and so glad he didn’t change because of pant fillers like me!
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