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  1. I'm not saying he shouldn't have been punished at the time but the referee and VAR officials looked at it at the time and decided it was fine. It was a shocker and they've got it wrong but they have seen it and decided upon no action. Its literally in the competition rules that they can't take action beyond the point of the referee seeing it and deciding upon what action to take.
  2. It's an age old question that everyone seems to disagree on. All 3 had their strengths but I think for the goals he scored from midfield you can't overlook Lampard who consistently scored 20+ most seasons. I actually think you're right neither Scholes or Lampard would have dragged Liverpool to the Champions League, Gerrard's tenacity and never say die attitude was one of his greatest assets but that doesn't make you a better footballer. An incredible leader and a real shame he never won the Premier League. People forget how good Lampard was for a while. He was 2nd only to Ronaldinho in Balon D'or in 2005 or 2006 cant remember which year. 211 goals from midfield for 1 club, I know who would get the nod for my fantasy football team anyway.
  3. Yep, agree. The referee has had a mare but we can't just start getting into the habit of banning players because someone got seriously hurt as a result of their challenge. It should have been a red at the time but the ref saw it and made his decision. Things like this happen every single week and nobody bats an eyelid until a bad injury happens to a big player. Last season Son got a red card for Spurs away at Everton, it was a foul and a bad tackle but never a red card. It was later rescinded because the ref had clearly given the red after seeing the extent of the injury sustained. Unfortunate for Van Dijk but time to move on. Souness' reaction to it on Sky Sports yesterday was outrageous given the way he conducted himself on the pitch.
  4. Never ceases to amaze me that this part of Gerrard's career is completely glossed over. The Naysith challenge in particular was just a total cheap shot, he 100% tried to hurt him. He was also a prolific diver, (see Champions League Final 2005) yet he is adored. It's probably because the media down south is rife with Liverpudlians. I always thought out of Gerrard, Scholes and Lampard debate the one I would leave out, every day of the week, is Gerrard. Doing a good job with Rangers just now though to be fair!
  5. I think the next Scotland squad is going to be so intriguing. For the first time in a while we are actually having a debate about who plays at the back instead of settling for who is available. Nobody could have predicted that Clarke would call up Considine and that he would play so well over 2 games. It's great for Clarke that he has this selection headache now. Surely with so many places up for grabs given how well some have done recently and how poor others have we're going to see a big month from a lot of Scotland players trying to put their names out there to stake a claim for this squad. My respect for the job Clarke has done, and continues to do, was significantly amplified in the last 3 games. He plays a perfect system for the players we've got and there's absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of a shit fest to get a result when you're us. In fact had some other managers adapted this approach from time to time they might still have been in the job. I think we've been underdogs for years and some managers have tried to "go for it anyway" with their approach but Clarke has absolutely embraced it and instead is making us very hard to beat. Serbia seem very confident of a result next month which, in my mind, is absolutely ideal.
  6. Nah, not having that. Yes Dundee were awful, but, it takes a fairly decent team to put 6 goals away. Hearts should win the league by miles and saying ICT and Dunfemline have nothing to fear after you've shipped 6 is just bitter ramblings. Suspect if Dundee don't get a new goalkeeper and more mobile midfielders to compliment the undeniable qualities Adam and Dorrans bring they could be in for a long season. With the ball they will be great, without it their poor defence will be quite exposed reglarly with the lack of mobility in midfield.
  7. I have read this forum for many, many years and never seen fit to create a profile until tonight. I always knew when I finally did post it would be about the complete and utter ineptitude of Jack Hamilton. I've seen him play probably about a dozen times in his career for both Hearts and Dundee and on every single occasion he has been the standout player on the pitch for the wrong reasons. To make things worse, on the compilation of his howlers, you; a) Only have a sample of his errors from his time at Dundee - he did things just as bad or worse at Hearts from what I saw of him there. AND b) Judging by his reaction to all but the one v St Mirren he doesn't even realise how bad he is because he jumps up (often quicker than he dived to try and stop the ball) and starts going mad at the defence of looking at the ref for a foul. Other than the first goal tonight Hamilton couldn't be blamed for the routing Dundee got but having someone like hime in goals will certainly encourage everyone who plays you this season to have a pot shot at goal from just about anywhere on the pitch which has to be worrying especially as any shot on target will pose a problem for him. How this man got into a couple of Scotland squads under a manager who wasn't Berti Vogts is astonishing.
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