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  1. Another penalty missed there jeezo looked like a handball
  2. Pretty decent. But I'll be amazed if hearts can better their 91 point total with a maximum of 81 to play for, that really would be a remarkable achievement Ffs 🤦‍♂️ that’s one that won’t be repeated again hahahahaha
  3. Wrote a bit about yous in my first ever non-uni/school bit of writing. Feel free to take a look and any sort of feedback would be appreciated! Don’t worry it’s all positive seeing as yous are streets ahead of the rest of the league. https://thelocalscot.co.uk/f/the-5-teams-to-watch-in-the-scottish-lower-leagues-this-season
  4. Had my first ever non-uni/school bit of writing published recently and wrote a bit about how you lot are shaping up this season. Feel free to take a look if you’ve got the time and agree or disagree with what I’ve said! https://thelocalscot.co.uk/f/the-5-teams-to-watch-in-the-scottish-lower-leagues-this-season
  5. Briefly wrote about how both teams look going into this season in my first ever published article. Feel free to agree or disagree with what I’ve written about you both and any kind of feedback would be appreciated. https://thelocalscot.co.uk/f/the-5-teams-to-watch-in-the-scottish-lower-leagues-this-season
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