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  1. The team are mince can't score, Manager must go
  2. Naismith now odds on to be the next manager to be axed, cant disagree with the odds as we are rubbish.
  3. Manager must go before we are drawn into a playoffs in the wrong side of the league.
  4. The SFA should throw the book at Dumbarton for fans not being socially distant, there distancing was abysmal the tie should be given to Edinburgh for an unfair advantage of fans
  5. You guys are throwing money around like confetti, a sure sign for disaster and bankruptcy.
  6. Tough game , will be tight and first goal could swing it whoever gets it. But as the home team I feel confident of a home win probably 5 or 6.
  7. Brechin city are better than City, tough times ahead for a team which have overspent on has been.
  8. Stranraer v elgin city live on Stranraer fc TV
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