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  1. He had that one sprint in the first half to close down a potential counter where he looked rapid (well sort of).
  2. The club have pretty much doubled down on that now, it won't ever be brought up.
  3. If the accent of the interviewer doesn't put you off, not much else will. "SHQUAD" Around 9 minutes in, he makes a comment about "going down there" or at least I think that is what he said as the audio isn't the best, so assuming we will be looking at English players. Also sounds like the club will be utilising the loan market, but not until players are back from the Euros. It certainly doesn't look like there is going to be any imminent business, and he has admitted that it is unlikely that the side that starts the season will be the one to play just a few weeks after. The club finally seems to be getting a scouting department, or something similar. It will be interesting to see how they manage that. I imagine most would be outsourced, rather than directly employed. Not that I can, but it certainly isn't an interview that would change my mind about getting a season ticket, then again he could say that Messi has signed and I still wouldn't watch a Ross County side with Mackay in charge. Most likely just my dislike of the guy, but there is just something off about him. Even the way he conducts himself in that interview, he doesn't look particularly comfortable.
  4. Always amazed at how poor the online shop is, just have random bits everywhere. As for the training wear there seems to be a fair bit of yellow. I can remember us having an away shirt around 1995 which was yellow, I wonder if we are returning to that? Still doesn't seem to be much out there in regards to players coming in.
  5. It is incredibly small time, and leaves a bitter taste. Both sides often make noises about finding it hard attract players and then conduct themselves in that sort of manner. County seem to be a complete basketcase at the moment, as I said previously it is hard to criticise MacGregor's involvement with the club but for me personally (someone who hasn't had a season ticket in 6 years now), the most involved I felt with the club was during the 2009/2010 season. David Siegel was installed as Chairman, and did a fantastic job. He was fan orientated, sitting in with the away support at games, organising numerous fan meetings and the one thing that I will always remember; before we played the semi final tie against Celtic at Hampden, the club increased the price for the supporters bus. I can't remember the exact figure, but it was fairly considerable. David Siegel was doing his usual walk through The Jailend and people were trying to find out what was going on. It was evident he had no clue about it, but promised to fix it, and true to his word within a few days the prices were lowered. He just got it, he bought into the "values" of the club, and subsequently the fans bought into his ideas. There just isn't that feel with the club now, and hasn't been for numerous years. All hope of that initial statement at the start of the week from MacGregor saying the club needs to remember it's identity seems a distant memory. Easily the worst week in my years supporting the club.
  6. Squad is certainly thinned out, can only imagine Mackay would go for something like the below at the moment.
  7. Absolutely pish. It has f**k all to do with "Cancel culture"
  8. Mackay himself judging by his interview, some size. "Hold on for the ride ahead"? Can only imagine it will end much the same way as Diana's did.
  9. I really don't like what has happened today, but I am not sure MacGregor can be blamed for Fox Hunting. Actually f**k it, let's add it to the list.
  10. I liked the guy who said without his comments we probably wouldn't have got him. The club need a strong response from someone like the SLO. Even if it is a case of losing the position. Make it clear this decision isn't accepted.
  11. I cannot fathom this choice whatsoever, and that includes a footballing view as well. People will take the piss out of "Uncle Roy" or whatever, but more often than not he has got it right. County's rise in a relatively short period of time shows that. One consistent throughout the whole process has been the community feel to the club, something that is hard to replicate. However as others have said, that feel has definitely started to disappear. I started watching County in the mid 80s, whilst attending school in Dingwall. It was unusual to see anything else than a white face in the area, nevermind the stadium. Some of the most lazy stereotypical comments I have ever heard have been in The Jailend. I can vividly remember playing Hamilton (perhaps wrong) in the late 90s and they brought on a black player, a few older blokes near us started discussing how we were going to defend somebody with such pace. In their mind, somebody who was black was going to be fast. Unfortunately I can also remember pure racism, no mistake about it, but thankfully a few people self policed the incident(s). The Highlands are a cracking place, but there was definitely an element of the older generation being uneducated in numerous matters that often made me feel very uncomfortable. I haven't been back to the Highlands for a few years now, but the last time I went I was really pleased to see different groups of people sat beside each other in the ground. In fact I spoke to a Polish lad and his son for most of the game. There was a real feel of a whole community coming together to support the local football team. Even the team itself, has had players of numerous religions and skin colour. Whilst I'm sure there are still more than a handful of people in the stands who would make jokes behind closed doors, or on a text, they obviously feel heavily out numbered at the game. It is dying out. Employing MM is such a backward step, on and off the pitch. I can see the argument for giving somebody a second chance, but this wasn't a young teenager, or even adult. The guy was in his 40s. It wasn't just one comment, it was several. He's never made a public apology (that I am aware of), the whole thing stinks. I paid into the Staggie Army, I bought merchandise (especially last year) to try and help the club out. This decision will cost them my membership, it will cost them season ticket renewals and potential sponsorship. However mostly it is going to cost the club years and years of work making people feel included at the club. A complete fucking shambles.
  12. Interestingly he did come out with this yesterday, so maybe there will be a surprise appointment and we will try to kick on. https://www.rosscountyfootballclub.co.uk/news-items/we-need-to-uncover-our-identity-again-chairman
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