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  1. Interested to hear more about the "off-the-pitch tales"
  2. The impact of Malky in less than one season. Apologies, he was indeed French.
  3. Rezgane was the lad, can't remember him playing a great deal. Sure we signed Prest with a keeper whose name escapes me. Can't remember that, but do remember going through a period of scoring some screamers against Dunfermline. Brewster at home was unbelievable. Better than the signature I got before the Challenge Cup Final against Clyde, Alex Williams. Asked if he was starting and he said Letich was a p***k and walked off. Ciana seemed technically decent, there was a goal against Clyde where he seemed to round the whole side before slotting it away. As previously mentioned, the club did very well not to hit a turbulent few years after the relegation with Leitch. I know he divides opinion, but I really enjoyed watching the side under Adams.
  4. Had forgotten about Watt, sure he was deemed as bit of a "wonderkid" before injuries got the better of him. During the Leitch era, we signed a keeper from Italy, Tomei I think his name was. Remember watching him warm up wearing Man United socks. I think there was another Italian, but I cannot remember his name. Growing up with Cooper in charge, seemed we had a new player in most weeks. Going through my memories now, but I can remember going to that menswear shop that was by Somerfields, as it sold County shirts upstairs. Better times.
  5. Obligatory link, quite like the title "Future of England", certainly more inspiring than Johnson.
  6. I think it is very difficult to see past that. That showed his character. He is always going to be vocal with support of LGBTQ charities or supporting RCC, he'd be an idiot not to. However the Fuchs incident showed his mindset. I certainly don't think there has been anything particularly redeeming off the field, but happy to admit that we are in no danger of relegation which looked inevitable at the start of the season.
  7. Great ball from Samuel, hopefully continue to play down the sides, Motherwell seem pretty dross in both full back areas.
  8. He's gone in studs up, it's a red every day of the week.
  9. Screamer of a goal, the touch to set it up was sublime. Deserved red, up against it now.
  10. Therein lies the issue, the only "apologies" that Mackay has publicly made have been half hearted to say the least. It is a stretch to believe he has "changed". His response to the Fuchs incident gave a insight to his views. As for levels of racism, it could be a text, it could be isolating someone due to the colour of their skin. I do not want someone like that associated with the club. It is also worth remembering the texts weren't just racist. The clubs continued silence over the whole situation has been and continues to be an embarrassment, especially when they toe the line of being a community club.
  11. I will happily admit I was a seething mess after the second installment. I see Rangers fans were able to buy tickets in the home end for the game at the end of the month as the club didn't stop Glasgow postcodes from being able to buy. However I think it'll be tough to distinguish who is who with posts like the above from @Lowrie83
  12. Of course everyone makes mistakes. I remember vividly running across the road to get to Renatos without looking both ways. My mum came in and skelped my arse. However that was when I was a child (honest) and not a 40 something year old. That's the difference, Mackay knew what he was sending was racist (or homophobic or sexist or anti semitic). Those texts weren't a mistake from Mackay, he typed the words knowing what they meant. As for the apology, I assume you mean this one Surely you realise why people have an issue with that "apology" ? You say the club did its due diligence, surely if that was the case they'd look at the potential fallout hiring a man like Mackay would cause? I wouldn't say County are everybody's second side, but generally we were a fairly well liked club. Hiring Mackay has been nothing short of PR disaster for the club. As for your true fans comment, just complete nonsense. Football is much more than 90 minutes on a pitch. Just imagine for one second being one of those groups of people Mackay made a mockery of, and how you'd feel going to watch a match. f**k Malky Mackay.
  13. Makes it an easier decision every time he speaks.
  14. Advise having a look on OTB where there are many voices of reason.... MacGregor singing the praises of Mackay in the P&J this morning https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/ross-county/3834267/ross-county-have-more-than-a-manager-in-malky-mackay-says-chairman-roy-macgregor/ I think we are well past the point of doubling down. An embarrassment.
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