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  1. https://news.sky.com/story/yorkshire-ripper-the-police-mistakes-that-allowed-peter-sutcliffe-to-kill-three-more-women-12131186
  2. https://news.sky.com/story/yorkshire-ripper-serial-killer-peter-sutcliffe-has-died-sky-news-understands-12131042
  3. Department S and Jason King were not the same show! Jason King was a spin-off from Department S, like Frasier was a spin-off from Cheers. They're two separate shows, and Jason King was a '70s show. So is UFO.
  4. Mate, check your decades. Only The Avengers was a '60s show. All those other shows are from the '70s. This is a '60s thread.
  5. That character's not a hitman, he's a serial killer. Big difference between a hitman and a serial killer. i bought that movie on Blu-ray just to w**k over Amanda Donohoe in Her Dominatrix outfit.
  6. Mine are The Avengers, Batman, Star Trek, and Mission: Impossible. What are yours?
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