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  1. Can anyone tell me if I could have forced mate faster? I just couldn't see a quicker solution at the time. Oh shit, no, never mind. I just remembered the Black King can capture the White Rook. Damn it. Shows ya how new I am to the game. Damn. How can I force checkmate then from that starting position?
  2. How long will it be before someone says, "That guy from The Fall?"?
  3. Thanks. I've been trying to figure out for about the last four hours how the rook and king can mate quickly but it hasn't come to me yet. Here's the best I've come up with so far (bear in mind I'm pretty new to the game), Starting position: White pawn on g7, White King on g4, Black King on h6. 1. g8=R Kh7 2. Re8 Kg6 3. Re6+ Kf7 4. Kf5 Kg7 5. Re7+ Kh6 6. Rh7# I haven't figured out how to force mate quicker than that yet.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Promotion_(chess)#Rook_underpromotion Three pieces on the board, two White, one Black. White pawn on g7. White king on g4. Black king on h6. It's White's turn to move. g8=Q I understand why this would be a stalemate beacuse, even though Black isn't in check at the moment, only the King is on the board, and there's nowhere the King can move to without putting himself in check. But rewind and suppose White does this instead, g8=R What difference would that make?
  5. I don't understand. I asked if a queen is the most natural selection for pawn promotion, why isn't the rook the next most natural selection? What do you mean it's the most valuable piece after the queen? I understand it's the most valuable piece after the queen. What I don't understand is why it isn't the next most natural selection for pawn promotion.
  6. On chapter 1 of a book called The Right Way to Play Chess by David Pritchard (revised and updated by Richard James). I'm confused by the following paragraph on pawn promotion, ""A pawn on reaching the end of the board (the last rank of eight squares) is promoted to any piece (other than a king) that the player chooses. A queen is the natural selection, in view of her being the strongest piece, but occasionally the peculiarity of the position demands promotion to knight, or even to bishop or rook." What I don't get about that is, of those three pieces, the knight is the least powerful, right? I mean, if you put a knight alone in the centre of an empty board, there are only 8 squares he can move to. But a bishop can move to 13 squares, and a rook to 14. So if a queen is the natural selection for pawn promotion, why isn't the rook the next most natural selection?
  7. https://news.sky.com/story/phil-spector-ex-music-producer-and-convicted-killer-dies-12190784 "TMZ says the 81-year-old was diagnosed with coronavirus four weeks ago and was transferred from his prison cell to a hospital. It is understood he recovered enough to return to prison but relapsed, had trouble breathing and was taken back to the hospital, where he died."
  8. https://news.sky.com/story/phil-spector-ex-music-producer-and-convicted-killer-dies-12190784
  9. https://news.sky.com/story/9-000-children-died-at-brutally-misogynistic-homes-for-unmarried-mothers-in-ireland-12185934 https://assets.gov.ie/118565/107bab7e-45aa-4124-95fd-1460893dbb43.pdf
  10. https://news.sky.com/story/yorkshire-ripper-the-police-mistakes-that-allowed-peter-sutcliffe-to-kill-three-more-women-12131186
  11. https://news.sky.com/story/yorkshire-ripper-serial-killer-peter-sutcliffe-has-died-sky-news-understands-12131042
  12. Department S and Jason King were not the same show! Jason King was a spin-off from Department S, like Frasier was a spin-off from Cheers. They're two separate shows, and Jason King was a '70s show. So is UFO.
  13. Mate, check your decades. Only The Avengers was a '60s show. All those other shows are from the '70s. This is a '60s thread.
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