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  1. For sure brechin these two chancers from a sham 'pyramid' should be nowhere near league football.
  2. Some of them really went through with this pointless nonsense [emoji38]
  3. I'm sure many Utd fans will get behind Athletic when Utd are away from home.
  4. They have no idea what they are doing totally diluted and discredited region now.
  5. Shambles brechin will beat either of these two frauds who should be nowhere near a pyramid .
  6. Wtf who's in charge of the cringe worthy woke west of scotland media account . boycott pish jumping on a bandwagon that is totally pointless just to make themselves look good. Idiots.
  7. Obviously it would be a complete joke for either of these chancers to go up . Great result tonight btw brechin [emoji123]
  8. Club is ran by a blue nose and managed by a hopeless blue nose view will probably be quite happy.
  9. What's going on at this once famous club, changing name to Glasgow Utd the blandest of bland names and possibly moving ground. In effect losing its identity and history. Nice one auld shug
  10. Pyramid deid before it even got started never mind being an institution in scottish life for well over 100 years.
  11. How's the 'pyramid ' getting on [emoji1]
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