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  1. Should the SFA just decide to give Rangers the champions league place each year regardless of who wins the league until the coefficient is stabilised? Once we have done our job then the SFA can open it back up to the rest of the teams on a trial basis and see how they get on? Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts?
  2. What’s the general consensus on the board, happy Rangers are back and champions or would prefer if they were still fighting it out in division 3? Cheers.
  3. Sakala’s face burst open! Willie Collum is an absolute diddy.
  4. I would be fuming if I got Sent off for that. He won the ball fair and square IMO.
  5. That is a disgrace of a decision, great tackle. Collum having a nightmare as usual.
  6. Were Hibs turning down 7 figures for Doig as well? Should have cashed in.
  7. What are Hibs actually trying to do here? Nesbit looks like he doesn’t want to be playing.
  8. I don’t get why everyone is getting so upset about this Patterson transfer? Twitter has literally erupted in an outpouring of denial, some very upset individuals. My favourite theory is that it’s all been some sort of ploy from the SFA to enhance Patterson’s value and Clarke’s hand was forced to play him. Also people saying big Tony the donkey should be worth 20 million if comparing to Patterson, deary me.
  9. All clubs will vote for what suits them, the driving agenda for some won’t be empty stadiums, like it’s being painted. The likes of Livi and Dundee play in empty stadiums anyway. If Hibs were top of the league, full strength and no covid, they wouldn’t be asking for a break.
  10. The SPL really is in full pantomime season now. Another shambles in the making.
  11. Ryan Porteous constantly losing his man at free-kicks and comers.
  12. What has Kris Boyd got to do with the Orange Order? Why would he be associated with it?
  13. Gutted Ralston is injured. Always a chance when he is playing.
  14. This is exactly the kind of meltdown I came in here hoping to find, go on Big Al Lad
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