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  1. 3-0 Prunty hat trick to bust out the running man for goal 100, he's already promised! sorry lads
  2. yeah nothing worse than having a life away from your job
  3. I would have scored a hat trick if I hadn't done my knee years ago, wasn't a jakie basturt and was born 20 years later!
  4. just scouring sky sports paper talk Sky Sports understands Tamworth defender Ben Richards-Everton is set to join Partick Thistle who will then loan him to Airdrie.
  5. Dire Dire Patter Pretty much as dire as the prospect of this game/season
  6. Well he's basically said no manager would ever sign him after they found him out Bollan has just Re signed him so kinda blows that out the water no?
  7. Contradicts what Bollan said about re signing him. Gary explained, "I have known Andy for a long time and he will be an excellent addition to the squad and brings with him bags of experience and enthusiasm". Keepers mistakes are always magnified and they will always be made. as always he gets the benefit of the doubt Pre season starts tonight and we have 19 signed players all be it a good few youngsters in there but still better than the last 5-6 seasons
  8. or I could be completely wrong Paul Jack possibly or Alan Moore are the only others I can think of
  9. By those you have looks like your missing a centre mid which would have been either Stuart Taylor or Kenny Black
  10. I would rather have kept those boys and played at cliftonhill than spend all the extra money on a shitey white elephant stadium, never buying a pie or pint again from them
  11. this is like neighbours you know it's shite but have to keep watching
  12. I picked up a case last night and there was still plenty left
  13. But Jim Ballantyne was vociferous in his condemnation of Livi's antics months back in both the local press and the match progamme, They have cheated was his opinion especially after they signed players we could not in january, I'm sure both articles included Clyde as well, given that they too gazumped us for players last summer only to be unable to pay them. The man's entitled to an opinion, i'm sure the other chairmen were well aware of it before any meetings took place, he would have took the same stance had we won the play off. it's mud slinging and he better be careful because from what i can gather if it hits the fan most of it will blow back onto him and his horrible dress sense.
  14. as above there still a club in administartion so McGruther IS still in charge, the livi 5 will have preffered bidder status, until a cva is rubber stamped the business remains in the hands of the admin unless of course they have settled all debts
  15. Granted, I was kinda backing up your point, however there's no way a new livi could be accepted
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