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  1. Midnight sky also. Turgid shite and clearly a Clooney vanity project.
  2. I was already wet.... So the jokes on her. ...... Was that my beer?
  3. Any feel for which distillery it is? I just assume all mystery Islay is Caol Ila. (no bad thing)
  4. Macnairs Lum Reek 12yo Ardbeg Wee Beastie Lagavulin 16 Highland Park 10, Ian Rankin Edition Gonae need a bigger boat [emoji1634]
  5. Bunnahabhain 12Tobermory 12 Arran 10 Glendronach 12 All inside your budget and quality drams you wouldnt see in most supermarkets. Edit - Redbreast 12 (Irish), though not sure if that would be well received in Bo'ness [emoji6]
  6. Think you'd expect to pay around £75. Depends how much you'd want to spend tbh, you can buy 'bottle your own' direct from distilleries and can personalise the label. Tomatin are doing it, amongst others.
  7. He's definitely had it harder as a Traveller. The Jonathan Ross interview wasnt as described imo, he came across well and the conversation moves to Russell Kane.
  8. Sounds like more of that "scarcity culture"@velo army was talking about previously
  9. Must have been some favour! Those bottlings are always quite pricey at 50cl but have heard good things.
  10. I got a cheap fitness tracker just before lockdown in March. You can get a huawei band 4 for circa £30 and it does everything you'd need. Quite good to try and hit 10k steps each day. Ive even paced the living room for 10 mins before bed to hit the target [emoji23]
  11. I've experienced similar benefits to deleting facebook. The people who matter still keep in touch. I also have twitter but do find it borderline. Its a sea of doomscrolling and negativity which isnt always healthy.
  12. What were you enjoying that you got the taste for?
  13. I'm with you with the exception of the 15 which has a bit more bite. I think their pricing is grounded at a time when others are taking the p!ss.
  14. [emoji23] Yaaaas Buy it aff ye [emoji41]
  15. Looks to be the best option for minimal holiday use, anyone got tips or previous experience from our last trip there in 2004?
  16. Sorry man, you missed the boat about 3 weeks ago. Next year keep an eye out for Brochures and Online with both Lidl and Aldi. If you stay tuned you'll see it coming, always well advertised but goes quick. If you want one id recommend buying one on Scotch Whisky Auctions or similar. It wont go for much more than the original RRP
  17. Its interesting that their master blender moved on (Kirstie Macallum) and left for. Glen Moray. Her Linkedin Bio states previous employer as Burns Stewart. Read into that what you will.
  18. You can buy the "Mòine" on amazon for £35. Its nice to try a peated version and would buy again. The 12 is the go to though I agree. Deanston, Tobermory and Bunnahabhain 12yo are just fantastic all rounders
  19. PX is incredibly sweet and has that affect on the whisky. Its one of my personal favourites too. It'd be worthwhile getting a tasting pack or trying whiskies side by side. You don't quite realise the difference until youve got a glass in each hand.
  20. 15 is the one i went for in the end. The glenfarclas clan come across like good people to boot [emoji1303]
  21. Id actually bought the single purchase at 55 and didnt clock the subscribe & save. Is that an anomaly? It almost always just shows the same price for both.
  22. You've achieved his goal of living in your head, rent free.
  23. I wasnt sure initially but the bottle has opened up after the first few pours. Really great for £35. Bought 2, shame im a generous guy and gave one [email protected]
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