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  1. So you can still lean out the gaps. What an absolutely pointless rule
  2. Before we try and rebuild the stadium, we could probably focus on why getting a pie is near impossible without missing the game at some point.
  3. They're making more of them before the England game.
  4. Very funny that JD have made an erse of this (again). Managed to get the 30% off, will see if that processes or not but really not too precious about it.
  5. Red dotted Nae bother, Jos.
  6. That shot says it all. Classless from Jos there. Thought Perez had a perfect race minus the start. Comes across like a pretty likable guy too.
  7. Russell/Croft robbed of a podium moment.
  8. Very enjoyable moments in an otherwise uneventful race. Norris struggling vs Piastri and general McLaren Shiteness Williams principle saying Sargent was on for a top 10 potentially and being absolutely lightyears away. Russell comfortably holding back the GOAT Alonso pressing his accelerator slightly harder with 2 laps to go to finish +5sec on Russell.
  9. Hamiltons 8th title swings on Mercedes pulling a decent car out of the hat. No other team capable of winning would have him now.
  10. 10 years? I take it you're not taking over the counter medicine then.
  11. I really want Gunn to get a cap. Just one.
  12. Include the commentary over the footage and keep it at 20mins and its a great format.
  13. Never trust someone who switches on a 'Telephone Voice' at times such as this. Wrong'uns
  14. This all feels very smalltime tbh. They all feel fatally flawed in their own way.
  15. It seems very silly that they stuck with this design knowing it wasn't good enough. Remains to be seen how easy it is to just pull a new car out of the hat.
  16. The difficulties arranging time with pals etc definitely gets harder as you pass 30, that's true for most I'd suggest. I certainly experienced that when the guys all got married and had kids etc. You'll find most people have similar feelings towards how it used to be etc but still tend to enjoy meeting up albeit less frequently. Life just gets in the way. Maybe try a squash league or join something like a cycling or whisky club locally. Not too high pressure and can naturally have some interaction with decent folk.
  17. Can't see a scenario where Hamilton gets that 8th title now. Looking forward to see how Aston Martin perform after teams start the upgrade packages. That may well be the main point of interest this season. Wonder if Stroll will manage to lay a glove on Alonso's performance today, miles ahead.
  18. Perez struggling in 3rd in a car his team mate is hosing everyone in, what a riddy.
  19. Stroll is absolutely Garbage.
  20. Norris is an extremely unlikeable character from what I've seen. Classic wee guy who's never been punched in the face.
  21. I do this alot btw. I tend to hold onto above average bottles for no real reason and after a year or so I'm opening them wondering why I'd built them up so much. Nowadays I'll try and crack most stuff straight away, as long as I'm not going beyond 10 open bottles on the shelf.
  22. Its cool, his dad can just get new arms from Mercedes.
  23. I think the producers seem to think a former Spice Girl is far more interesting than she actually is. I always find it weird that they basically trot out the HR type stuff with driver contracts etc. There's no way that Netflix got to sit in on thr real Piastri/Riccairdo conversations. Generally quite entertaining though.
  24. Sounds like you're well away from your old employer, sometimes these exits just happen. From what I've seen and heard, my work amongst others have struggled to find good candidates for vacancies. To echo what others have said, with the above in mind.... just believe in yourself that you've got something to offer and that you'll hopefully be in a better place soon as a result.
  25. Exact same thing for me, not had any notification of my DD changing as yet. Ive been taking readings fortnightly to ensure the balance in the account is as close to zero as possible come the bill next month. Small victories but don't want the b*****ds to have a penny more than they're due.
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