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  1. They're hoping to do the in person tastings again from the Autumn. If you're ever on one give us a shout.
  2. That's a tremendous selection. Do Springbank make Hazelburn? Was there some reason they had 3 out of the 6 you were tasting? A bit of a push from Springbank? Yeah they* (J&A Mitchell) make all of those at Springbank/Glengyle with the exception of Glen Scotia. Campbeltown malts being the theme but largely focusing on the recent Springbank distillery releases.
  3. Brilliant race. Had everything. Delighted for Sainz.
  4. Absolute weirdos videoing a lump of metal and carbon fibre hurting through the air towards them.
  5. Aye cos the spare car is definitely set up for him
  6. I think Russell has been really unlucky with that ruling. Mercedes were fuming at the rule bending in Abu Dhabi so they can't have it both ways!
  7. That was absolutely horrendous. Thank f*ck he's ok. Second sobering accident today. There was a really scary crash in F2 earlier too.
  8. The overwhelming favourite on the night was the 30yo. Being cynical folk just wanted it to flip. No level headed person is buying a £900 bottle for anything else. They balloted them based on your score so i think that corrupted things.
  9. Tough to rank them tbh, the standard was exceptional. Hazelburn 15yo, fully matured in sherry at Cask strength was a standout for me. The take home message just how good glen scotia are. It's mental there is cask strength stuff from them sitting on shop shelves at the price they shift it at. 1. Hazelburn 15 2. Glen Scotia PX 3. Springbank 30 4. Longrow 21 5. Hazelburn 21 6. Kilkerran Peated
  10. There's so many North star did a few branded as 'Chaos' Worth a look
  11. Not at all. Reject racism in any form and support him. If anything it'll have the opposite effect to what all the clickbait weirdos want.
  12. So if your birds dad did something, how are you in any way accountable for that? It's just a ridiculous angle. Non point.
  13. That's tabloid press chat. Don't sense there's many Hamilton fans among us but it's pretty obvious everyone feels nothing but disgust over this one. The response to it from the immediate companies, F1, FiA etc has been pretty poor though.
  14. Opened a Mackmyra I had sitting on the shelf for far too long. Bought at the Glasgow Festival in 2019! Ignored the disappointment of the neck pour and went back to it a few days later. Vintersol. No longer available but a cracking dram. My experiences of Swedish whisky have not been disappointing to date. Seek one out at a whisky show or bar, they're not the cheapest so wouldn't recommend jumping straight in.
  15. Trying to work out where my weekly Mercedes chuckle is coming from.
  16. That's an absolutely bonkers top 10 Should be a great race.
  17. My Father in law retired in the past few weeks. Away up north with the family this week and he's brought the Tomatin we got him for his 60th. I packed a 30yo grain in an attempt to compete on age! Was a good night last night
  18. The UKs no.1 selling single malt. The 14yo Rye finish is worth it if you can get in on deal. Asda had it at £30 recently.
  19. Wasn't enough imo. A bit of tape across a bit of fractured carbon fibre travelling at 200mph is out of order. Real potential to hurt someone following, can't help but think this isnt the last we hear of this.
  20. Quality. Absolutely no competition now
  21. A worrying pattern emerging with players just not trying. Our captain leading the line on that front. Armenia next week could be a painful experience.
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