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  1. Brundle was talking a lot of sense on the show I thought. Very balanced and insightful as usual. Stuff like the difficulties around the danger from the hybrid system when a car has crashed etc. Herbert and Hill came across like little Englanders imo. Probably why they're not commentating live on race day.
  2. Assisted by highly regarded race engineer Toby Lerone
  3. Consider buying a distillery exclusive at Arran, you'll be able to get the 18/21yo any time online. They'll usually have something 10-15yo with maybe a peated rum finish or something a bit unusual. Price will probably be in the £60-80 range. They have a whisky bar so you'll be able to sample a few if you want to give it a try.
  4. Merry Christmas Whisky Enthusiasts. Kilchoman and Talisker to keep me warm the next few days
  5. Ive been tempted by that in the past, might give it a look.
  6. Excellent, although do we know if he followed anyone previously?
  7. Yeah, the first part is about Lagavulin, then on to Talisker. really can't see Talisker flying at 250 though!
  8. Cheers but refuse to buy from those cvnts. Will drop into Waitrose for a Lagavulin though.
  9. The first retailer I've seen quoting prices. That's unbelievable
  10. Can't disagree with any of that, I take it you work in the industry? My worry is that my budget is probably in that middle ground market you mention but my tastes are Premium! Luckily I have a product allowance which will keep me in supply of some of the more pricey bottles. There's also some indy bottlers who are just paying over the odds for Casks and passing it on knowing they'll get away with it. Indys used to be about value and something a bit different but now they've lost the plot a bit imo. I think a lot of them (who aren't distilling themselves, or shaping up to) will disappear in the future.
  11. I just don't understand the strategy tbh, if that's the way they go. Maybe the UK market isn't their priority. I do think age statements of 15-18 years will start to get out of reach in the coming years. Some of my favourites like Balblair, Lagavulin, pulteney have already gone that way. Luckily I've been building an emergency stash.
  12. What makes you say £225? I just can't see that, despite the rumours. Would kill sales stone dead at a time when Diageo blend sales have taken a bit of a battering globally.
  13. Rumours that Diageo are hiking prices. Specifically Talisker 18yo and Lagavulin 16 (again). The Talisker one is said to be eye watering. Concerning if that's how it goes, Diageo Brands are amongst the most affordable age statements!
  14. Toto logging into Suzy's twitter for sure. Only thing that would top this is Mick Schumacher ramming him off at Silverstone next season. Lost points that cost him the title.
  15. I've really enjoyed the Mercedes salty meltdown. I want Hamilton back and hungry again though. Verstappen is just so far ahead of the rest of the field that I worry for a bit of a whitewash if he's just left unchallenged. I'm not convinced Russell is a worthy replacement as a title contender. Could be wrong, but I think he'll get found out. He's no Lando or Sainz.
  16. I listened to that earlier, was even worse than I anticipated lol
  17. Just seen it, jaw dropping. They've lost the plot.
  18. What language is this mate? Just so I can select the correct one in Google Translate
  19. Its quite a balanced thread this. Probably something to do with the high proportion of Football fans on here who are generally reasonable people and can deal with a bit of controversy. Some of the patter online, twitter etc is just ridiculous. "cry more", "Lewis = GOAT" tyoe stuff is the calling card of wee VL's.
  20. I think the problem F1 has to new fans is that its extremely technical and difficult to get into. Things arent quite cut and dry despite what is essentially VAR in action. Long time followers of the sport probably take their knowledge for granted on tyre undercuts, Safety cars etc. Not very helpful when Rent-a-quote F1 Experts for the day like Gary Lineker get involved and enable all these RNLI Lifeboat freedom fighters to cast their opinions on how it wisny fair 'cos the foreign guy won. Looking forward to Sports Personality when they passively agressively give it to Lewis Hamilton. Cos that's the real Quiz.
  21. And excellent in both. Just has one of those faces eh
  22. Regardless of how you see the events yesterday, it was the biggest and most exciting season I can remember since I started watching in 1998. The race was pretty much gone for RB but they rolled the dice and got a 6. Was a free to air race and got a lot of attention. I was getting texts coming in from people who don't watch it asking questions etc. If that season long battle finished behind a safety car then it would have been unforgivable. Mercedes influence on the sport worries me. Toto Wolff comes across like a jumped up bully imo. People also forget some of the stuff that went on in the past (Schumacher getting pushed out of gravel traps etc). All the seethe is very typical of the entitled little Englander mentality that you see across other sports. Button and Hill (the former being quite a lucky champion imo) were absolutely rattled and Rosberg was grinning ear to ear. Great to see. Yesterday was a mixture of RB tactics paying off, some luck and hard racing which any genuine F1 fan has been starved of for years. If Mercedes spit the dummy when the Arbitration falls through and threaten to walk away then good riddance imo. They've had a lot of fortunate moments this season and arguably Verstappen should have had this in the bag a few races ago.
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