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  1. Its very much try before you buy imo. Some of the longstanding bottlers you can maybe buy blind but you'll get your fingers burnt if you don't know your stuff. Gordon & Macphail are a good place to start. After that there's James Eadie, North Star, Cadenheads, Whisky Broker, Signatory. Edit to say - sadly I think much of the value has gone, maybe try on auction... I got a 15yo Fettercairn for £40 and its tremendous, £65 RRP
  2. Trying them all together, its surprising just how superior the 10yo is here. I'd actually say the 5yo is preferable to the An Oa too. Actually rated the An Oa too, so all decent drams with one clear winner.
  3. Ardbeg 3 x 20cl pack is £32 on Amazon. Wee Beastie, An Oa and 10yo. Tried them all but will be fun to have them all side by side.
  4. Very slim pickings on the decent malts on any kind of offer. Think we're waving goodbye to any good value bottles.
  5. Just feels like a desperate attempt to sneak back into the no2 seat. Red Bull would be mad to drop Perez for him.
  6. Aye, let's be honest they're all wąnks. Seb and Lewis are all chill nowadays but they were wee dicks earlier in their careers.
  7. How? They're a real team. 2 genuine race winning drivers, not a wee wean and a support act.
  8. Russell finally winning his first race and trying to keep Champagne out of his eyes is very GR63 behaviour.
  9. I would liken Mercedes to the England footballers. You're head tells you they're cvnts but they're annoyingly likeable.
  10. You just drive 3.5 seconds slower, quite simple really.
  11. Hard not to be happy for Russell. Was very unlucky in Bahrain the previous season not to win there. Did Verstappen not hand the place to Perez? Poor.
  12. Fair play to Russell. He's driven this perfectly albeit with a little good fortune. 10 to go and he's a stick on to win.
  13. He's so erect for Hamilton, its pathetic.
  14. Looking forward to Russell passing Verstappen without any drama or foul play whatsoever.
  15. Hamilton 100% trying to hand Russell a win there. Clear as day.
  16. Really bored of how bad Ricciardo is. Good riddance.
  17. Cracked it tonight. A little softer than last years 18yo, not quite as punchy on the peat but very drinkable. Dont add much water, only takes a little.
  18. Crofty is going to be unbearable when Russell wins. He'll just close his eyes and pretend its Hamilton.
  19. Gunther Steiner being happy makes me happy. Ledge.
  20. Barely even try now tbh. Most places seem to be looking after regulars or if you're attending a tasting etc.
  21. Went in tonight before closing on the off chance. Plenty bottles in Falkirk for the fellow FK postcode good guys.
  22. Thought I'd give you the heads up for Thursday 10th Nov at Lidl. Another giveaway late teen single malt for £40 goes on sale. Informed its Caol Ila again (as per the 18yo they did last year). Move fast
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