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  1. After standing against the tyranny of Bunnahabhain and their rip off prices for the CS 12yo, my obvious next move was to buy an Arran 25yo. #Logic Anyone got a good divorce lawyer? She's taken the kids.
  2. Correction: twice this happened At least you're consistent.
  3. They got a slap on the wrist from HM Revenue about it. Didn't make much sense to them, given all the booze there was duty paid. They add sherry and other various things like bitters to make it a cocktail and circumvent the bizarre rules. Released as a proprietary GSCo cocktail, usually at Christmas. Worth buying imo.
  4. Think Bowmore, not saying thats what it is, but it has that profile.
  5. You mean these? I went down tonight and lifted the Ben Bracken one off the delivery pallet. Aldi have the Glen Marnoch too at £40.
  6. Would be rude not to reach for the drams, given the circumstances.
  7. Interesting, the griffin would make me think more of Tomatin maybe? In any case, its Thompson bros so it'll be braw.
  8. Dont think I've tried a single Ardbeg I've not enjoyed. Think they've hit saturation point with their 'limited' releases though. Not sure even Ardbeg fans can keep up lol
  9. I'd be giving both a wide bearth tbh. Even ignoring the massive recession on the horizon, it just isn't logical to pay nearly double the price for 19% more alcohol in the bottle. I'm sure its great though, just better options out there. Edit .....and ill just have some of @CountyFan 's for free
  10. It is extracting the urine tbf. Made something thats got everyone excited, but £15-20 too high. Will it sell out? Yes. Is it very cynically priced? Yes. Watch how much springbank 12 CS sells for at RRP. A distiller with integrity and respect for its customers.
  11. People will focus on the young guy who has a mad one and goes too far a couple of times a year (maybe the above is a bad example) .... But overlook the cvnt who never says hello, parks like a knöb and cuts the grass at 20:30 when weans are sleeping. There's a guy over the way who will go out his way not to say morning etc. Absolutely nae need for it. Best of luck when a courier trys to leave a parcel with me.
  12. The odd fun tasting note or something defining is fine. Its the folk who pretend to smell lemongrass and get clove on the palate. Boring snobby cvnts.
  13. Smooth is the classic descriptor for people new to appreciating wines and spirits. You even see mainstream brands quote it on their marketing etc. Never really been a massive fan of fancy tasting notes either tbh. Screams of LOOK AT ME and folk get ridiculous with it. Ive been on tastings [email protected] and he's just dropped in bullsh!t tasting notes and folk rush to agree with him [emoji23]
  14. In an old job the development team werr handing out new recipe bags for feedback. Id picked up a crate of stuff to hand round the office just to save them the walk. One woman made a big fuss about allergens despite being told in advance and the other finance goblin declared loudly she didn't own a microwave and cooked everything from fresh. Was only in reaction to them moaning they "never got offered any of the new stuff" constantly. It is maybe just finance people though. Of about 20 of them I'd only ever give about 4 the time of day. Total losers.
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