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  1. Ive always found stuff like Tonic water and lemon a decent substitute. You still have that glass in your hand which can scratch that itch.
  2. For unlimited drink for 3 or so hours? Bargain.
  3. If it's wet. Id be getting an early bird bet on Russell.
  4. Going to be superb seeing Russell fighting for this win!
  5. You knew he was a talent after his bahrain stand in race.
  6. "crofty" not understanding the DRS rules is just the latest gaffe he's made. He really is a tedious bawbåg to listen to.
  7. World whisky day yesterday (apparently). Might need to have a belated dram later.
  8. Hamilton wanting to rage quit like a wee wean on the PlayStation. Wonderful. How long does Sainz get at Ferrari btw? Having a total shocker.
  9. They've certainly not indicated that, quite the opposite actually.... Saying buses are going to be a challenge as rail replacement. ..... And don't call me Shirley
  10. Word of warning on the train timetable starting next week. Last train to Edinburgh leaves Queen St @ 2215.
  11. Smells like the aisles of B&Q. Compost, dusty and the roll van in the car park cooking up Bacon. Got that soapy thing going on which makes me say Bowmore.
  12. When did they rename it 'Rhetorical Question Time' ?
  13. Hamilton getting shown up by his team mate again. Pattern emerging here....
  14. 15 laps on softs should be thereabouts.
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