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  1. This has been garbage. Delayed start Shite track Sky cheerleading Hamilton constantly.
  2. Nobody really understands it, but it understands the need for good things to happen to Scotland.... And thats all that matters.
  3. Not surprised folk were acting like arลกeholes, boys in front of us doing lines and boozing the entire game. These guys aren't interested in football at all. Just there to get wrecked.
  4. Felt we lacked much tempo and allowed them to make it the battle they wanted. Any time we popped the ball around they struggled.
  5. I think the Irish will be quietly worried about this trip to Hampden. We've hit our stride again and they'll struggle to cope with us if we turn up like that again.
  6. Ive been burned by the Travel retail Balvenie before. The 16yo Triple Cask. Bang average imo.
  7. Is the Queen deid?! https://media.tenor.com/HyY279bNIpsAAAAM/no-nooo.gif
  8. Its a disgrace aye. Send in the UN peacekeepers
  9. Simultaneously slagging pearl clutchers whilst clutching pearls
  10. If I was American, I'd just shoot the thermostat. Problem solved.
  11. I'm being completely serious when I say that this c**t is now deliberately trolling the public. I can guarantee after he finished his utter drivel and was off camera he was pissing himself laughing Yeah, shame he didn't snuff it from his made up Covid.
  12. I cycle to work the days im in the office so shower there etc. I reckon I save about ยฃ4.50 a day on fuel. That said I still need to replenish the circa 1000 calories I burn doing so.
  13. I still don't think many will have done their own personal household sums on this. Not a criticism of people, its not exactly straightforward doing gas unit conversions as an example. We've had our thermostat 2.5degC lower and reduced water system temperatures since March when our fix ended. I'd have it lower if it were just me but sitting at 19ยฐ for the moment to see how it goes. I've worked out roughly that our energy usage is down 18% vs last years summer period. Mostly gas usage which is down which will save around ยฃ300 in the winter alone. Small victories
  14. 100% Alonso savaging him on the radio was bang on too.
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