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  1. Club Statement hope they remembered to update the Stock Exchange too!
  2. Bit of a sneaky move from Kilbride Th imo. You’d think it was La Liga they were now in going by their Twitter account.
  3. I’d play Fraser wing back and stop with McTominay at CB.
  4. Hi Graham, If the season gets going again will there still be a Thistle Bar Trophy?
  5. Hopefully you and the rest of the committee will do something about it this time.
  6. Will see what happens then. Usually when that club talks, the Ayrshire committee listen.
  7. Tough ask the way we are playing, Serbia are decent. I expected Clarke to keep things simple the way he did at Kilmarnock, but he’s not done that really. Thought he’d be playing 442/451 depending on who we played.
  8. Glenburn impressive against Dailly last week too., they’re looking strong.
  9. He’s versatile and we could be doing we need some more pace in our team.
  10. I’d be asking Rangers for Middleton on loan. He had a poor loan spell at Hibs, but looked promising before. after success of Kelly on loan, maybe right move to get him on track.
  11. McCrorie deserves his chance. His athleticism is something we lack.
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