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  1. Yeah Hester really stepped up in the absence of Sutherland and Josh Peters been a shrewd signing too. Know what you're saying about retaining the majority of the squad from last season - a lot of teams who have done that (Montrose and Stranraer spring to mind) have benefitted from that consistency and seem to have kicked on. You certainly seem a good team to watch so would be good to see Elgin some point this season.
  2. Yeah well said, couldn't agree with you more. Just know there's some fans out there that will have that opinion. That's a level-headed approach to it. You can't be asking for much more 👍
  3. Not much to complain about after the first round of games we presume? Or are things a bit lacklustre under McKinnon so far, despite being pole position?
  4. Bar the wobble at the beginning of the season, are Stranraer sitting more or less where predicted? Given how difficult it is to bounce straight back up and the money being chucked around at some of the clubs around you, are you happy with progress after the first round of games?
  5. These Journeyman spots are causing plenty chuckles on the show, anyone got any more? Keep em coming ...
  6. Brilliant first quarter for Elgin obviously - arguably exceeding initial expectations or were you always confident? Signings like Tony Dingwall mean that you could potentially sustain a promotion push too surely?
  7. Well if whats promised is going to happen actually happens then yes I do Interesting... do tell?
  8. How would you assess Rover's first quarter given the squad you have?
  9. Won't ask you to sum up the first quarter, but going forward do you see any light at the end of the tunnel for Brechin?
  10. How do you assess the first quarter for Cowden? About where you predicted? Brechin win was huge, do you see yourselves climbing the table or will riding the season out above the drop zone be job done?
  11. We thought you'd never ask.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NuYXQBw5xo
  12. These are brand new. Just what we're looking for for some podcast fodder 👌🏻 Keep them coming in
  13. ThroughtheTurnstiles 58 Posted just now Looking for some obscure sightings of well-travelled Scottish football figures far and (quite often) wide. Have you seen Kris Doolan buying a meal deal from the pop-up Gregg's stand at Kinross services? Or perhaps you've sold a kitchen to Graeme Smith. Fire at will.
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