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  1. Watching Dundee or watching Ric resign from an online forum?
  2. Nope, just enjoy leathering a weegie every now and then.
  3. Any St Mirren fan looking for a pre/post match square go is more than welcome to PM me.
  4. Don't think it's fair to be speculating on where the poor bloke is or isn't sleeping. Happy he's safe.
  5. f**k Ricky Gillies, f**k Hugh Murray, f**k Mrs McGinn, f**k Barry Lavety, f**k Steven Thompson, f**k John Potter, f**k Craig Samson, f**k Mark Yardley and f**k Jim Goodwin.
  6. Are those the situations he tried to take the ball down on the thigh? Fwiw I reckon a match fit and sharp Griffiths does actually bury those two chances. The positive is he's getting into these positions, the goals will come.
  7. It's how many people from Dundee he's aiming to finger before the end of the season.
  8. McGinn at least has some sort of footballing ability, which is a rare sight.
  9. There's bound to be a farm somewhere in Perthshire we can drop Fontaine off and tell the boy just to take him round back and shoot him.
  10. The all round quality has been stinking but my word some of the passes from both teams. I'd be embarrassed if my u11s team were that shite.
  11. If any St Johnstone fan would like a pre/post match scuffle please feel free to PM me. I'll happily kick f**k out of your mum, dad, wife, husband and kids as well. Derry rule ya bas
  12. We haven't brought McGinn in to play left back so let's stop with that idea troops.
  13. I would kill for a Frazer Wright atm, that's how miserable we are defensively.
  14. I know he's a miracle worker but I'm not sure Jesus is good enough to save us.
  15. This will be Saints easiest win of all time. We are genuine murder.
  16. Currently praying for the dogs in Thailand right now. Good grief.
  17. Wee sexy Scotty Allan is class, fully on board with that. Wish we could get a 6ft4 Balkan centre half that would header the ball, the opposition and his granny to win a game of football.
  18. Probs why he never got Dundee to champs league quarter finals like I did on Football Manager.
  19. Ledgzins Mulligan Sweeney McGhee Kerr Byrne Adam McMullan McGinn McCowan Griffiths
  20. Struggling to muster up the effort to offer anyone a square go. Dundee really do suck the fun out of everything.
  21. How would you pick who deserves it the most? Impossible imo.
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