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  1. Ach that's no fair, when big Andy Considine is in that form nobody can stop him.
  2. Our midwife for our second was class though and if we had a wee girl we thought about naming them after her.
  3. Childbirth is the scariest thing on the planet and nobody can convince me otherwise. My missus wants a 3rd kid in a few years but I'm still traumatized from her almost dying with our first. We did put in a complaint about the midwife at the time cause she was a fucking witch, nothing ever came of it sadly as she took sick leave then retired.
  4. ICT and Hamilton can sook my plums, absolutely stinking the pair of them. Partick don't have it in them to win a league. Arbroath won't be able to keep up this level another year and Raith are finished as any sort of relevant team. Ayr and Morten are seaside league teams already punching above their weight in this league so they won't pose any threats. Cove will be interesting and we are a bricker to lose up there. Hope Airdrie come up because be more fun beating them than QP.
  5. If St Johnstone stay up I reckon we win the league comfortably.
  6. Jesus man, have a bit of pride in your trolling attempts. That was pathetic.
  7. A couple of trips a season to the Clyde Riviera never done anyone any harm. Buzzing to get pumped by Inverness and Hamilton.
  8. Anyway what a team and what a season, Greenock and Hamilton away you absolutely cannot fucking beat it.
  9. Genuinely pishing my wee pants at Johnny Fingers absolutely fucking seething on a Saturday night about a “stupid wee club” What a loser.
  10. We need a proper clear out, I'd keep about 7 players from this current lot. They are bottom of the worst Premiership I've ever seen. Kerr, Byrne, Rudden, McMullan, Mulligan, Anderson and McCowan. McGinn and Sweeney would be maybes, but Sweeney is slow as death and scares the shite out of me. Anyone who says Kerr has been shite this season is at it and I would be willing to fight anyone who says it.
  11. Give McGhee the job permanently. The patter is worth it.
  12. Watch your tone when you speak to the 12th best poster in Pie and Bovril history.
  13. We are gonna cigar our way out of relegation trouble.
  14. Watch us win all 5 of our post split games and relegate some gimpy mob like St Mirren.
  15. Mullen is so unbelievably bad it makes me sick
  16. Here that’s a class goal to concede. Fucking pudding in the goal.
  17. That’s me just in. Couple hours kip and that’s me again til Monday. JIM MCLEAN BALDY HEADED c**t
  18. I'm so happy I sell drugs for a living and don't need to worry about speaking to United fans in an office on Monday after they pump us.
  19. I genuinely dk how I haven't given myself a stroke reading any of robin hoods posts. The single most seethe inducing nonsense on the planet. I think I love the feeling though as I can't stop looking at them.
  20. In fairness that's about the only entertainment we get these days.
  21. Cammy Kerr isn't half as bad as people make out.
  22. Kev Thomson could still get a game centre mid for us. Boy was caviar.
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