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  1. We're Dundee Fc the famous dark blues fat Ian McCall will shite in your shoes
  2. I see you have put in a 5 figure bid for Lee Ashcroft this week. We rejected it though.
  3. No surprises I’ve had 0 offers of a physical fight from this group of jabronis.
  4. What a brilliant club we are. Constantly going above and beyond for little diddy teams. That decision is sure to put an extra 4 Partick fans in attendance.
  5. No to Rooney. A good player back in the day but we need to build for the future he is not someone we could rely on next season when we're aiming for European positions.
  6. Honestly you try and make life easier for some people and this is the thanks you get.
  7. I can guarantee with 100% certainty that Ad Lib is a specky dingus.
  8. Anyone looking for a physical altercation before/after the match please message me. I am willing to fight women and children as well.
  9. £24 to watch your team get bent over would be pretty grim tbf. Not something we’ll have to deal with a lot this season. Get it up yis.
  10. As someone who has supported Dundee for over 2 decades it has taken a lot to become my least favourite striker but Danny Mullen managed it pretty fucking well.
  11. We'll comfortably win the league but only score 1 goal vs Caley all season.
  12. McPake has a lot to answer for making me post in this part of the forum amongst such losers.
  13. I once asked the librarian if she had a book on suicide. She told me to f**k off I wouldn't bring it back.
  14. I'm genuinely surprised we aren't around 1/4. League will be won by March imo.
  15. Aye that bam MacKinnon. How that c**t played as a professional footballer I'll never know. I am however pishing myself thinking of the time he wanted to square go the Dundee support.
  16. Agent Ross about to get some prime time payback for Jimmy Mac. Up yis.
  17. It's between Barry Robson, Jack Ross and 1 other for the job. The 1 other is a foreigner, unsure who.
  18. Honestly can’t decide who I want to hammer more this season. Morten, Partick or Hamilton.
  19. It’s always fans of boring little clubs who come by and try take a pop. It’s cute how much they want to be noticed by us.
  20. craigkillie is in the top 5 worst posters on this site. The most condescending nerd ever.
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