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  1. If Liam Fontaine is the answer to our defensive frailties just fucking close the football club down. Sick of signing absolute tripe like this. Proven fucking losers everywhere they go.
  2. Cammy Kerr playing right back is bad enough but centre half... yikes.
  3. I don't think there has been or ever will be a football player who infuriates me more than Paul McGowan.
  4. We so desperately need a striker who can go in behind, this is fucking stinking.
  5. Rather have Thomas Hamilton in the goal. Fucking garbage.
  6. We could get spanked 9-0 the day and I'd still sook every player from soft.
  7. Constantly getting random bursts of pride and about greeting. What a bunch of boys.
  8. 6 of us booked flights for £65 right as the full time whistle went. My first tournament that I'll be able to remember, couldn't be any more buzzing.
  9. Hamilton Elliot McGhee Ashcroft Marshall Robertson Anderson Adam Byrne Mullen Afolabi I am not 100% certain if Anderson is a CM or CAM, but the further Gowser is from starting 11 the happier I am.
  10. He was fucking slow as shite anyway. The team has 100x more drive with big bald Chico in there.
  11. We genuinely have the two worst goalkeepers in the league, the worst centre half, a right and left back who can't be far away from being the worst, some wide players who are up there with the worst and the worst striker. Add in the worst manager and it's some laugh.
  12. Have any of Osman Sows first touches ended up in him getting a second touch?
  13. Hand on heart I'd rather have Bomber in the dugout.
  14. Osman Sow coming on, just fucking hand them the 3 points and stop wasting everyones time.
  15. Honestly, apart from McGhee and Adam I'd be happy never to see any of these players again.
  16. Can only disagree. Was doing a splendid job of putting them in their place, imo.
  17. If we can't beat these fucking losers then what's the fucking point?
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