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  1. Watch your tone when you speak to the 12th best poster in Pie and Bovril history.
  2. We are gonna cigar our way out of relegation trouble.
  3. Watch us win all 5 of our post split games and relegate some gimpy mob like St Mirren.
  4. Mullen is so unbelievably bad it makes me sick
  5. Here that’s a class goal to concede. Fucking pudding in the goal.
  6. That’s me just in. Couple hours kip and that’s me again til Monday. JIM MCLEAN BALDY HEADED c**t
  7. I'm so happy I sell drugs for a living and don't need to worry about speaking to United fans in an office on Monday after they pump us.
  8. I genuinely dk how I haven't given myself a stroke reading any of robin hoods posts. The single most seethe inducing nonsense on the planet. I think I love the feeling though as I can't stop looking at them.
  9. In fairness that's about the only entertainment we get these days.
  10. Cammy Kerr isn't half as bad as people make out.
  11. Kev Thomson could still get a game centre mid for us. Boy was caviar.
  12. I honestly reckon over the course of a season I'd score more goals than Danny Mullen.
  13. Rumour has it both teams are still playing and neither are any closer to scoring.
  14. I'd take Parish, Hendry, Kamara, Holt and Faissal. Haber had his uses but was a lazy little doofus. Always thought Waddell should have done better than he currently is.
  15. Personally didn't think N'Gwatala and Madianga were that bad, could have been a couple of decent players in there. Some of the players we had that season go straight into my worst Dundee 11 comfortably though.
  16. The starting line ups of the two teams when we last beat Hibs at Dens is a right laugh.
  17. He was class on FM back in the day. Think it was around 10-13. Sign him up.
  18. I'd love to kiss her on the lips, the ones between her hips, pubic hair looking like some sour cream dip.
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