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  1. As per no DMs from the other team looking for a fight. Hope their team is as gutless as their fans.
  2. That Ayr team is a who's who of English lower league failures and losers. If we don't put 4 past this idiot mob I will be most upset.
  3. An extremely difficult game to choose a winner in. More misery on Man Utd or Liverpool fans thinking the league will be over before September.
  4. Any Ayr fan looking for a fight before/after the match please DM me. Age, sex, race, sexual preference or disability doesn't matter, I will happily slap any of you. Thank you.
  5. They've overpaid but that's a good signing. Doesn't help the glaring problems in goal, centre half, left back, right back, wide left and up front, though.
  6. It's an absolute guarantee to turn him into a shagger. No doubts.
  7. It's always those daft wee neddy players like Imrie and MacKinnon that hate Dundee.
  8. Legdzins Kerr Ashcroft Sweeney French Grayson McMullan McGowan Mulligan McCowan Rudden Maybe a bit unfair launching French left back but not like Morton will have the ball anyway. Robinson has looked decent as well but Rudden never gave Arbroath a minute so deserves his start.
  9. Any Morten fan looking for a fractured eye socket before/after the game please DM me. Will happily fight a women or a child as well. Easy away win on and off the pitch.
  10. Please let's not move Cammy to LB he's been playing class out on the right.
  11. I like the line up tonight. Would like to see Cameron at some point tonight.
  12. Each and every Arbroath fans mum is a tert. Outside Tip Top at 7.30pm for anyone wanting a sore nose.
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