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  1. Wee sexy Scotty Allan is class, fully on board with that. Wish we could get a 6ft4 Balkan centre half that would header the ball, the opposition and his granny to win a game of football.
  2. Probs why he never got Dundee to champs league quarter finals like I did on Football Manager.
  3. Ledgzins Mulligan Sweeney McGhee Kerr Byrne Adam McMullan McGinn McCowan Griffiths
  4. Struggling to muster up the effort to offer anyone a square go. Dundee really do suck the fun out of everything.
  5. How would you pick who deserves it the most? Impossible imo.
  6. Words aren't enough any more sadly. Something drastic has to be done. I propose executing a youth team player in front of the rest of the squad the next time we are losing at half time.
  7. I guessed the word correctly on the first go the other night. It's gone right at the top of my CV with photographic proof.
  8. I'd maybe keep Sweeney as back up too. Ashcroft and Fontaine are free never to play for us again, though. I'd keep youngsters like Robertson and Mulligan.
  9. I like Legzdins too tbf, would probably keep him as a back up.
  10. Keep McGhee, Anderson, Byrne, McMullan and McCowan and start again. The rest can be dropped off in the middle of the Tay for all I care.
  11. If any Livingston fan wants a pre or post match physical bout please feel free to PM me. Thank you.
  12. For such an utterly sexy footballer, the Tele have done Scotty Allan nae favours in the looks department there.
  13. @Barry Ferguson's Hat has been a fantastic poster for about a decade. Celtic fans are the worst.
  14. Anything less than a convincing win against this mob and I will not be a happy panda.
  15. Mental Butcher still somehow manages to make a living at this level.
  16. Weird, your sister loves when I call her a slut.
  17. I send my missus about 70% of my wage for bills and shit. Spend the rest on Only Fans and coupons.
  18. I've been a supporter of Griffiths from the moment he came back, but that body is completely not on for a professional footballer.
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