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  1. Seems like the players along with the fans weren't having it. A nation full of cowards, indeed.
  2. Pie and Bovril is such a different place when Scotland beat some wee gimps. Love to see it.
  3. I am genuinely just a hole for every single one of those boys tonight.
  4. Post number 6 on this very thread. Yer man knows his stuff.
  5. Really is poetic that the diddiest team in the country won the diddiest cup.
  6. Already been on Chorizo and Sangria offering everyone out. No DMs so far. Una nacion llena de cobardes.
  7. Spain are fucking shite, we'll pump them.
  8. Any Hamilton fans wanting their heads kicked in please DM me. I proper hate you c***s so will truly enjoy the experience.
  9. Personally didn't thing McGhee was that good in centre mid yesterday. Spent half the game hiding behind Ayr players so he couldn't be passed too. Cameron much better, always looking to receive the ball from anyone and anywhere and won the ball back a good few times. Shame he's 3ft and 6 stone. McCowan was okay, kept pretending to be hurt every time he lost the ball second half, was stressing me out big time.
  10. Always find it funny how different everyone sees a game. That first half was astonishingly grim. Second half much better.
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