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  1. Grew up in the Hilltown and would love to go back there's not enough stabbings and death in Claverhouse for it to be interesting. Dundonald Street is a no go and bide away from Lochee.
  2. What's the hardest part about eating vegetables? The wheelchair.
  3. Me and the missus had a serious incident recently when she was pegging me.
  4. You think Ian Watkins is worthy of a period of national mourning?
  5. No point offering any Inverness fans a fight cos there isn't any of the c***s coming through.
  6. I honestly don't think this forum has ever had a worse poster than @8MileBU.
  7. She's gonna roll her right ankle if the daft c**t isn't careful.
  8. Get it up her, glad it was Scotland she took her last breath in.
  9. Can people please stop mentioning Martin Woods, I've only just got my blood pressure back to normal from watching him.
  10. Oof check the nick of you, quoting Dundee fans at back of 2 Sunday morning then again at half 7 Sunday morning. We are so rent free in your head you can't sleep or you're thinking about us on a night out. Sad, sad man.
  11. Like Johnny it's nothing against Cove but I hope it's 900-0. I cannot stand McIntyre, one of the worst things to ever happen to us.
  12. You don't understand how much I wish I was.
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