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  1. You are the worst poster on this site, you're easily the most predictable, you really can't say anything without it being someone else's patter, no originality, no thoughts of your own. At least Marshy and the virgin one have their own style. You, you're a little wannabe, it's funny In a cringey way.
  2. C'mon Marshy, that's a lie. Can we check, no of course not. It was made on a thread that has since been deleted by a member who wanted the thread deleted and their own profile deleted, that wasn't an alias of you also. No way Marsh-shallow. You play a decent game, you spend more time than normal people on it, but the truth can't be hidden. I feel sorry for the hangers on (tizammo ammos) types, their wee world will fall apart when they have to think for themselves. So to recap, Marshy really wanted to be top of the green pile, the colour ups and down mean a lot to him, he told the story. He couldn't understand how his great football posts were being under-appreciated whilst non football speakers where racking up the green points. He actually said he changed his view when he realised he couldn't compete. Imagine caring about not being top so much. We are legion. We are greater than the sum of our parts
  3. Remember that speech that Marshy gave about how he cared about being top of the green dot leagues, but he couldnt quite reach the top with his insightful football talk and how he was scunnered with the non football talking guys getting all the greenies. Yeah he doesn't care!!! 不不不不不 What's more tragic is that he is trying to get his minions to take down the big green dot brigade, well done on not caring enough to make it your number one passion pal. But at least he is his own man, the hangers on - who are dropping like flies - are an even more desperate breed. Can't have an independent thought just in case the all about greenie leader says it first.
  4. Are you a Diddie fan or a Sevco fan? You do appear curranty bunish! Don't pretend to be a fan of a diddie team and then spend most of your time licking rusty sheriff badge of the new team from Glasgow. It's sad to see. You're on notice. We are all watching the Dundee* fan. * 不
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