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  1. The same shithouse time wasting that every club in the land adopts late in the game when they are winning
  2. Ex Alloa. Left in the summer after six years. Covering for Ross Ballantyne on match day.
  3. There’s a real lack of class regarding this current Heart of Midlothian Management team. Apparently it’s Mike Mulraney’s fault Hearts got relegated. So all is forgiven Craig Levien. And all those players who played poorly as Hearts plummeted to the foot of the SPL. It’s a shame that Hearts have resorted to this kind of narrative. It’s embarrassing for the fans, who are as passionate as any you’ll find anywhere. Great club pity about your Manager
  4. Murray was one of our better players tonight. Try’s to play forward and willing to run beyond the striker.
  5. I thought we could have scored more goals. And made the game a bit more comfortable. The three young lads did well when they came on. Liam Evans could be the big surprise this season. Canny O’Donnell big season ahead. Could be his breakout season to be a 1st team regular
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