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  1. Small price to pay to get the game back surely ?
  2. 1-1 the mauchline game was . Good to watch some backs against the wall stuff and mauchline will win that league at a canter
  3. I don't know much about the kilmarnock squads I watch catrine cumnock and mauchlines home games but I'd expect catrine to beat any team from the bottom 2 league's if they are serious about winning the 1st division
  4. Catrine vs killie utd at catrine should be decent
  5. They play glenburn next week not sure where at
  6. Got pretty much their full squad back from when they came up through the league's and another couple additions with midge managing them . Won't be far away
  7. Premier - shortlees 1st division - Catrine 2a - Mauchline 2b - Killie utd
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