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  1. Kilmarnock line up Roger Millen Findlay Broadfoot/Rossi Waters/Haunstrap Mulumbu Power Tishibola Kiltie Brophy Kabamba
  2. Murray Wallace of Milwall He help own team Milwall up Six top (play off of Championship)
  3. Kiltie was solid player of Kilmarnock this season
  4. Palmer not play RCB but Tierney play right centre back but Hanlon play LCB and might Findlay
  5. Keeper Marshall McCrorie McLaughlin Defender Cooper Considine Gallagher Findlay Hickey Robertson Tierney Midfielder McTominay McCrorie McGinn Jack Chrisitie Armstrong Gilmour McGregor Fraser Forrest Kiltie A.Forrest Striker Brophy Griffith McBurnie Dykes Shankland Nesbit R.Stewart
  6. Squad face Novemberto Playoff final (Serbia ) final and National League (Slovakia & Israel) Who in squad of Clarke name scotland squad
  7. Unchange or changes to formation and line up
  8. Sometime O'Donnell is good cross to Head of Dykes or McBurnie
  9. Armstrong ,Christie and Tierney will avalible scotland squad after 14 day finihs for Covid-19 Scotland should call up Griffith, McCrorie (McCrorie keeper brother ) and Nesbit Scotland squad Keeper R.McCrorie Marshall McLaughlin Defender Findlay Tierney Cooper Gallagher O'Donnell Palmer Taylor Robertson Porteous Midfielder Christie Armstrong R.McCrorie McTominay McGinn Jack McGregor Fraser J.Forrest Striker Griffith McBurnie Shankland Nesbit Dykes Line up face Serbia (3-5-2) Marshall Tierney Cooper Gallagher Palmer McGregor Jack McGinn Robertson Griffith Dykes Subs R McCrorie (Gk) Findlay R.McCrorie Christie Fraser Forrest Nesbit McBurnie Porteous Taylor O'Donnell McLaughlin (Gk) Shankland Armstrong McTominay
  10. In: Aaron Tshibola, midfielder (Desportivo Aves); Danny Rogers, goalkeeper (Aberdeen); Aaron McGowan, defender (Hamilton Academical); Brandon Haunstrup, defender (Portsmouth); Clevid Dikamona, defender; Mitch Pinnock, midfielder (AFC Wimbledon); Danny Whitehall, forward (Maidenhead); Youssouf Mulumbu, midfielder (unattached). Loan in: Colin Doyle, goalkeeper (Heart of Midlothian); Jake Eastwood, goalkeeper (Sheffield United); Zeno Rossi, defender (Bournemouth). Kilmarnock look anyone to new signings before 5th October Transfer window close
  11. Anyone Scotland someone player like play to H.Wilson, Roberts, James, Brooks ,Ampadu, Woodburn, Williams
  12. Clarke want try Giggs (Wales manager) type to bring bright younger in squad
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