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  1. That's nice. Maybe as moderator you will report yourself for your own low standards. Shame when you have to report a moderator.
  2. Because you are quite rightly standing behind your player but don't seem to care about an ex employee being racially abused at the club you support. If my club had a player, coach or backroom member saying that they had been racially abused by someone at the club then I would want that person sacked. Will that person at your club be sacked, I think we all know the answer. Racism is always wrong you can't pick and choose which racism is wrong.
  3. Just noticed the auto correct. Pretty sure you're not an old farmer or a young farmer for that matter!
  4. I know you old farmers take life to seriously benny but that was a joke. MJC was using it in an anti Celtic rant earlier.
  5. So you would be happy with Rangers winning 10 in a row. If we want to talk about behaviour and manner then I will bring up the disgusting vandalism I am seeing in every town in Scotland just now. Road signs covered in Rangers graffiti etc. To answer your second question, yes they are.
  6. I agree the songs about Cooper are vile and disgusting. As are songs about O'Donnell that I heard from the other side. I admit they shouldn't do some of the things they do either but then I don't like either of them
  7. No it says they remember what you Tory scum did to their village and many other Scottish villages. The Tory Party are anti Scottish scum.
  8. Why are your fellow fans not willing to slate your own club. Pretty sure it would have came from the wee fat bigot kitman. I guarantee the only person that will lose their job is the victim of the racial abuse.
  9. Every single post you have a problem with Celtic fans beliefs. If Rangers were sitting on 8 in a row and were arrogantly shouting about 10 which they were in 1996 would you want them to fail? No you wouldn't because it means Celtic would win and you would hate that. You are a sycophantic hypocrite.
  10. In the way you are obsessed with Celtic you mean. I said that as a joke because you appeared to have a problem with Celtic fans on the whole being against it. How many sinister Celtic fans have sent explosives in the post to opposition managers? How many sinister Celtic supporters have threatened my Rangers supporting wife for wanting independence. We had to report one so called Rangers fan who said he would rape sense into her. Rangers fans are no more or no less sinister than Celtic fans. They are equally odious. You just choose not to see it.
  11. What anti Rangers bigotry? What about defending the man who was racially abused at the club you support? Both the bigot twins are as bad as each other. The abuse my wife gets off her fellow Rangers fans online because she uppers independence are disgusting. I notice you don't find the anti Celtic bigotry of MJC disgusting. You're club and Celtic are what is wrong with Scottish football.
  12. I know 2 Motherwell season ticket holders. I have shown them MJC comments. Both said they would rather he fo to Ibrox as he is an embarrassment to Motherwell. No true fan of any club would suck up to one they didn't support like the clown does.
  13. Yes on numerous occasions. In my first post on it I did as Wellington calling Gerrard out as a hypocrite. Meanwhile apart from you no fans of your club are willing to condemn racists from within your own club. Hypocrisy at its finest from your fellow bears.
  14. I don't vote SNP. I just remember what Tory scum did to Scotland under Thatcher. Go into a pub in Auchinleck and say you're a Tory. Good luck getting out alive. They remember what her bully boy police force did to them.
  15. I don't like either of the bigot twins. You are both what is wrong with Scottish football.
  16. Why is it only Celtic you have a problem with. Why not dislike the bigot brothers equally there as odious and arrogant as each other. Is it because you are a Tory, Unionist Israeli? If it had been Rangers going for 10 would you want Celtic to stop them? Of course not you'd be on here supporting Rangers.
  17. Anythings better than being run by English Tories.
  18. You back up one of the two sectarian twins at every opportunity you can. Your anti Celtic bigotry shines out in every post. Are you seriously trying to pretend that without sectarianism they would still be anywhere as big. How much bigger would the club you claim to support be if your community backed it instead flowing in droves to the bigot twins to fly the foreign tricolour or that horrible red, white and blue thing?
  19. Is that why you support Rangers then? Or is it your bigoted Lanarkshire heritage? Glory hunters who follow Rangers, Celtic, Man Utd etc are the lowest form of football supporters.
  20. Celtic aren't my local team mate. Hence why I don't support them or your equally bigoted shower.
  21. Why not ask them why they don't support their local team like you claim to do?
  22. Too much. Wee sectarian rat should be on the dole. Still none of your fellow Rangers men are willing to condemn racism within your own club. The Hypocrisy of the bigot twins is hilarious.
  23. Sack Jimmy Bell and you will end a lot of bigotry at Ibrox in one go. Just ask Mo Johnston and Neil Lennon how they were treated by him.
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