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  1. Kudos to you for that Bennett but sadly you appear to be in the minority of your fellow fans. Friends of mine who support Rangers who are normally in the reasonable camp of Rangers supporters are claiming the media as always have a hatred against the club and are deliberately exaggerating what happened.
  2. You wanted him before. I can actually see him ending up across the city. They really don't like paying compensation.
  3. At least you won't have to pay Aberdeen compensation when he gets the job once Stevie G goes to Liverpool in June.
  4. I grew up in the 80s which saw 4 titles win by non OF teams and Hearts being an Albert Kidd goal short of winning one. It will never happen again in my lifetime IMHO. Once Souness came to Rangers this period was always going to be over unfortunately. I watched guys who had been fans of my team all of a sudden discover they were really Rangers fans. It saddened me then and still saddens me now 35 years later. Before this the difference in wages outside OF wasn't massive an more importantly clubs had more power than players, eg Jim McLean and his 30 year contracts!
  5. Excellent post mate. I probably know about 20 odd Rangers fans and apart from the token left winger the rest are right wing(not far right as I wouldn't associate with such scum). There is a reason far right scum like Stephen Yaxley Lennon will target Unionist teams. To be fair to most Rangers supporters including all the ones on here they can see through it. Unfortunately 1 person recruited to Yaxley Lennon and his far right army is one too many.
  6. Depends on the way you view it. Some said Celtic's wasn't because they lost in Europe and some say Arsenal's wasn't because they didn't win the cups. Anybody going through a league season unbeaten is impressive and if you manage it then it's a great achievement.
  7. Don't worry Bennett I've started a gofundme page to raise money for their bus fare to Ibrox to see the team they really support!
  8. My club hasn't been able to play since Christmas and us fans are desperate to see us. Yet what do I see outside Ibrox? One of our players joining in the celebrations. Thanks for helping the lockdown going and me not seeing my team. Not fit to wear the jersey.
  9. Not allowed to do anything as it's all just high jinks by ra peepul apparently. Despite every single one of them should be getting £60-£10,000 fines. You and i both know not one of them will be touched. Sad day for justice system.
  10. Alive and kicking mate. Playing at Level 6 once we're allowed to play again if Rangers fans start behaving themselves
  11. Do you know that's a fair point as I know he isn't a youngster. He would be on here celebrating. Genuinely hope he is ok.
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