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  1. What players have daily signed can’t say I’ve heard? Always interested in the seeing who will finished out top out of Ardeer, Kilbride and dirrans. AgAin not heard much in regards of boys signing or leaving this year all over ayrshire hence the forum and looking for info.
  2. Have new farm lost players? Seemed to be flying last year for a new team coming up. Early days to write off hurlford too even with all the apparent problems. Same was said about shortlees last year if my memory serves me right
  3. Why so sudden to write off the other teams? Not saying you’re wrong just wondering why your opinion is the choice it is?
  4. Would be nice to get away from all the Covid talk for once and talk football. so I’ll start. What’s everyone’s predictions for this season in ayrshire?? whether it be top league/bottom league promotions/relegations What we thinking??
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