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  1. Star jumps, running on the spot, backwards roll, forwards roll, sideways roll (for the dimmer saintees), break dancing, look at a screen, post to pie and bovril, read a book, trainspotting, buspostting, carjacking...
  2. Congratulations to Dundee. One of the best performances ive seen from them in recent years.
  3. Dundee are always peak Dundee. It never ends. Keep it up.
  4. Lay off the johannesburgs, theyve been counting down the days for this fixture for months.
  5. Didnt think you would go down but do now. This seems to be exactly what happens.
  6. Its certainly a bold move by celtic to get themselves locked out of the country and league competition in a way to claim rangers league win will be tainted.
  7. How do i read the words on the pavey then? Use the lumpy parts of the pavement at traffic lights as braille?
  8. Sure i read at the time hearts put out a message for all fans to sell off the tinpots they have and put the proceeds to finishing the new stand?
  9. Nothing against the wee saints, theyve done well in recent times. Though did i read about the tax man bearing down on them the other day? A lean jan for whoever the manager is now? The supporters seem to get a bit upset though. Cant decide if its a case of wee man syndrome or just a bad harvest this year. Anyway i can see it being a draw. Conway for them, mcnulty for us
  10. If the rangers win, will it be the first non old firm team to win it since the 80s??
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