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  1. I see kettlewell is on the bbc compaining about people not putting out on a saturday. Cant figure out if hes on about his team or just annoyed after a string of obviously unsuccesful dates.
  2. Massive coup. Does strachan do anything other than perform his duties as professional wedge reciever? Genuinley dont know.
  3. Dunno why your so quick to pounce on me, im not the one destroying your club from the inside out. But fire on
  4. He turned up on time and didnt ask for much in terms of pay. The ideal puppet, keeps his pus shut unless his employers wiggle theyre hand.
  5. I think you know what it means. Ignorance is bliss tho eh lads. Temuri ketsbaia..... Tommy wright...... cant see it would be putting it mildly.
  6. Nick pakes not going anywhere. As long as you dont ens up in the bottom 2 i think itll be a re evaluate at end of season job. Where you will opt for a stuart kettlewell of the recently punted from county fame
  7. Utd 1-0 Ham Academicals produce the most artificial meat you can find in the league. More of a spam than a ham but some "folk" must keep buying that awful shit or they would have shut down, or relocated somewhere with a more obvious customer base such as the cheese and crackers superleague below us. Hopefully boarding themselves up at the same time they do the arena. Then we dont have to look at them anymore.
  8. How are you boys taking the news of milnes return to the aberdeen board?
  9. That's dorrans and Byrne on the way out. No replacements incoming as the cash is being kept to keep Dundee afloat to the summer. Mcpake can't be paid off as they can't afford it. Won't happen unless relegation occurs. Which is highly unlikely. In that event Barry Ferguson will be contacted to take over at dens. It'll be to swallow if it comes down to that but sure yous will manage. Adam will stick around as he is being paid by the soft loans given to the club in the summer and they aren't immediately repayable. 1 more of the higher earners in talks to leave also but I haven't been given a name by my source close to the club. 90% of the time he is bang on. Seems like a good business move to me. You clearly aren't getting anywhere near the promotion or play off place. So get rid of the top earners and tread water until back on your feet. And in 3 or 4 seasons you might be in a position to challenge.
  10. Fair play to rangers. They are taking advantage of the worst premier league I have ever seen. In a normal league they would be sitting third. But gotta take these opportunities when they arise. Aberdeen know what I'm talking about
  11. I find a nice relaxing smoke of crack really does show a different side to our performances this season.
  12. The idea of anyone wanting Mellon out is absolute madness. Not that I think anyone does think that. We are punching above our weight in the league with our current squad. If we are as bad this to watch by next season he may have a few more questions to answer but ffs he's getting the job done at the moment Might not be pretty but f**k sake eh lads
  13. The other teams in the league will be shitting themselves when we find our shooting boots. Be afraid.
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