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  1. If john hughes ever becomes utd manager then im packing it in. Ill just have to find a higher power and become a born again football fan. Grass roots football, the ladies game. Transworld sport.
  2. Just someone please tell me John Hughes is not available.
  3. I rememmber them but coll donaldson looks different from my memory. Signs of a parallel universe colliding with ours???!? Or maybe ive repressed traumatic memories.
  4. Sounds like some real brain donors. What a sight indeed.
  5. Dundee will have a wheel of fortune to decide all team matters next season. Strachan spins it and a very low resolution hologram of jocky Scott appears in the dug out to give "instructions" and pointing at stuff angrily.
  6. it'll be a 1-1 draw and a decent game. But maybe 3-1 going on 6.. Prove me wrong United. There's one scoreline in mind that would be much appreciated. . I've not seen much of the dees. is it safe to assume they are still shite? Mark McGhee might stabilise the latest attempt to go full time if he gets the rub of the green. Maybe a queen's park style model would make more sense for Dundee FC in the long term. From my view it looks like nelms is either significantly incompetent, or doesn't care. Just somewhere to go a few hrs a day and get out the house. . It's just a kushty wee part time job. Dundee FC boils down a couple of guys with suits on looking around desperately for good deals on upsycled garden sheds to make the derry safe again. As long as Strachan, McGhee and nelms are in unison I can see you down, for another 5 when you will get another go.
  7. Nelms really does help promote the league with a comedy niche lev that is hard to achieve. I personally think he might just have a deep seated but rational aversion to the dark blue comedy club. That makes more sense than just endless incompetence. When u go down will they get rid of McGhee and wheel in Jocky? Maybe just let the team do what they want and get Strachan to do a 15 minute zoom talk a fortnight.
  8. A good and thorough Nelmsing. Every nook and cranny deep cleaned and then shat in.
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